The SCP Universe was launched with a draft of SCP-173 on 2007-06-22 as thread 140042. This of course gave us many conventions that we still use now:
The next few months were given to discussion about 173, the next post that involved an actual "new idea" was on 2007-09-05, with 256661 and SCP-246, though this was another statue, with another similar pitch in the replies. This thread was also the first to speculate on SCP-001 (referred to as SCP-1, and theorized to be "like, the cursed bones of Draculajesus or something").

It was several more months until the next attempt, 2008-01-09, with 428962 and SCP-086. This was also the first time we see a supplemental document, sent as a reply the next minute. This was the first item besides 173 to get reposted.

Things start to hit a fever pitch on 2008-01-17, as new threads contain many replies with new SCPs. The EditThis wiki went live on 2008-01-19 and was first linked in 446343. By 2008-01-22 the "Security Clearance Levels" page had gone live, and included the concept of Class D personnel as well as O5-x Overseer-level clearance. Unfortunately, the earliest crawl of the EditThis site was not until 2008-04-09, and by then there had been roughly 128 entries posted to the wiki. Roget's History of the Universe indicates Wikidot was first used on 2008-07-19, it was first mentioned on /x/ on 2008-07-28 in 809313, and by 2008-10-01 the EditThis site was heavily vandalized after relaunching.

The history after being on Wikidot is fully intact, so this page will focus on that era from January to July, and attempt to build a chronology of SCPs given the availability of records, and to properly attribute those that are not properly attributed.

Name Latest Created Date Source Author Notes
SCP-001 2008-01-22 Article (Timestamp) N/A The first SCP-001 "proposal" was created by Taisaijin 2008-02-23 and is viewable here.
Other proposals were Eberstrom's (2008-03-02) and Catalyst's (2008-04-11).
There was also a push to make Anonypoet's 579 the canonical 001.
SCP-002 2008-01-20 448774 Anonymous Per 449176, this anon wrote 002 and 003 both.
SCP-003 2008-01-20 448887 Anonymous Per 449176, this anon wrote 002 and 003 both.
SCP-004 2008-02-21 Talk Page (Signature) deusprogrammer, revised by Sen First linked to /x/ on 2008-04-03 (575821).
The name deusprogrammer first appears on the /x/ archive as early as 5389 (2007-02-17), and later took credit for 004 in 802176 (2008-07-18, no trip, no replies).
Worth noting that they wrote "I'm glad to see someone likes the one I wrote," indicating they did not write anything else in this list.
This author was confirmed independently by other wiki staff.
SCP-005 2008-03-19 Talk Page (Timestamp) Anonymous Never mentioned by name in the /x/ archive.
SCP-006 2008-03-23 Talk Page (Signature) Anonymous, revised by Epic Phail Spy 2008-04-04, revised by Proxtown 2008-04-12. Never mentioned by name in the /x/ archive. Proxtown's revision is available here.
SCP-008 2008-01-20 447056 Anonymous Existed on /x/ before EditThis, was cross-posted to EditThis within 11 hours of first sighting by a different anon. (447782)
SCP-009 2008-04-06 Talk Page (Timestamp) Anonymous, revised by Proxtown 2008-04-06 Never mentioned by name in the /x/ archive. Proxtown's revision is currently the earliest surviving copy of this article.
SCP-010 2008-01-19 16:06 446151 Anonymous, object class Euclid given by Proxtown 2008-04-04. It's unclear whether the supplemental document (446170) was written by the same or a different anon.
SCP-011 2008-04-10 Article (Timestamp) Proxtown Never mentioned by name in the /x/ archive.
SCP-012 2008-04-05 576107 I Think I Feel a Miscarriage Coming On (trip !nrkDOUHxJk) Same tripcode continued the article in 576244. First sighting of this trip is 2008-03-13.
SCP-015 2008-04-05 Talk Page (Signature) Dr. Gears, edited by Proxtown 2008-04-06 Gears has claimed authorship of this on the Wikidot talk page for 015.
SCP-017 2008-01-20 447244 Anonymous, edited by Proxtown 2008-04-04 Second half of the article was posted a minute later as 447249. No replies to either.
SCP-019 2008-01-23 453372 Anonymous Second half of the article was posted a minute later as 453373. The first draft had incorrect unit conversions which was corrected in 453426 and updated by the time it was posted to EditThis.
SCP-020 2008-04-06 Article (Timestamp) Anonymous, heavily edited by Proxtown 2008-04-06 The talk page indicates that Proxtown did more or less a complete rewrite of the original 020.
That rewrite is currently the oldest surviving revision.
SCP-023 2008-01-19 11:10 445903 Anonymous This started life as SCP-23, without the now-common leading zero. Second half of the article was posted the same minute as 445905
SCP-032 2008-04-03 Article (Timestamp) Anonymous, Keter designation added by Valko 2008-04-03. Never seen on /x/. Given a relatively high view count and the acknowledged edit by Valko, 032 was likely created in February or March.
SCP-042 2008-01-21 450573 Anonymous The version that made it to EditThis is moderately different by April, so there is an edit as well that is Anonymous.

Author Claimed Authorship Claimed Edits Latest Date For Claims
Proxtown SCP-011, SCP-109 SCP-009, SCP-012, SCP-017, SCP-020, SCP-042, SCP-418 2008-04-15
Epic Phail Spy SCP-018 N/A 2008-05-08
Eberstrom SCP-147, SCP-402, SCP-695 SCP-116, SCP-777 2008-02-24
Jo black SCP-101 N/A 2008-03-03
Arc/Captain Cactus/Water Preservation Squad (trip !ZXjpjcfUbc) SCP-127, SCP-294, SCP-627 N/A 2008-04-13
Anonypoet SCP-579, SCP-071 N/A 2008-03-05