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Here's a totally public websight, but it's SECRET. Don't look! We'll get really mad if you look.
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Object has been reclassified as Euclid/Keter and containment protocols have been altered. Personnel with Level 2 Security Clearance or higher should see Document # 445-A for a log of the massive containment breach this object caused on 10/18/????.

Object is to be mounted against a steel wall with no fewer than 8 inches of steel plating covering the opening and extending at least 2 feet beyond the perimeter of the object. The containment area is to be lined with C4 explosives. When the steel has been warped more than 2 inches in any direction, It should be replaced by automated process with no fewer than 10 armed D-class personnel suppressing anything that attempts to escape. In the event of a breach, containment protocol 445-1 is to be initiated and evacuation of Site ?? should commence immediately.

Document #445-A:

On ??/??/???? testing was authorized by Dr. ???????? to determine what lighting levels were required to cause the mirror to revert to its normal state. D-00356271 was administered a general anesthetic in view of the mirror and lighting was deactivated.
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The mirror reacted as expected: the reflection of D-00356271 (hereafter referred to as SCP-455-1) rose and stripped itself of clothing as it grew a second pair of arms and the size of its mouth expanded. It approached the mirror and began to strike the surface. D-00356271 was awakened by Dr. ???????? and the lighting increase sequence was initiated.

SCP 445-1 appeared to become increasingly agitated and began striking harder. Long, needle-like teeth erupted from its lips and began to circle around its oral cavity and it rose from the ground, allowing its legs to drift behind it as if blown by some unseen wind. Approximately 45 seconds after the initiation of the light-increasing sequence, cracks began to form across SCP-445's surface. After SCP-445-1's next strike, the reflective surface broke, leaving a hole into a room similar in appearance to the testing chamber, and SCP-445-1 flew through the opening at high speeds.

In the span of 3 seconds it grabbed D-00356271 by the head and feet and stretched his spine to the point of breaking and removed Dr. ????????'s head in a single bite.

Alarms were sounded and security was dispatched to the testing chamber, however their entry into the chamber was met by entry of similar figures in the room visible in the hole (SCP 445-2 through SCP 445-27). Gunfire proved effective at stopping these beings, though 10 members of the security detail were lost in the process, mostly by means of massive internal injuries or lacerations to the face and throat.

Recovered bodies of the reflected versions of the security team proved that their guns were inoperable and attached to the hand as if a part of the body. Upon the deaths of SCP 445-1 through SCP 445-27, the bodies of all but the reflections of the dead security team and SCP 445-1 vanished and 15 new creatures entered the reflected room, to be cut down by gunfire.
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It was soon determined that the mirror would continually reproduce reflections of living beings in its sight, so the security team was instructed to move to the side of the mirror's line of sight and turn the mirror downwards, facing the ground until a more permanent containment solution could be enacted. However, this proved disastrous, as [DATA EXPUNGED] was titled SCP-445-28.


[DATA EXPUNGED] For this reason, it is theorized the the only way to destroy SCP 445-28 would be [DATA EXPUNGED] Obviously this scenario would be less than ideal, so containment appears to be the best option for now.


SCP-445 and SCP 445-1 through SCP 445-28 reclassified as neutralized as of 10/24/????. The border of the mirror, though incredibly resistant to physical harm, has proved to be vulnerable to high heat. Thermite explosives were effective in destroying it.
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slightly shat brix :]
what is that website exactly?
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A websight with purely fictional shit that is supposedly top secret.