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If you want to shit a brick or two Anonymous
Some of these links lead to games, paranormal live streams, videos, experimental websites, and even things I cannot think you could class as anything, even if you tried. All these links are safe for work, but you should still expect the unexpected;
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>> Anonymous dex.html/ > > > - promo for the movie Pulse lost
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Series /the_house.php /99_rooms.php /nfh_propaganda.php
>> Anonymous .php?id=5882 dex.html achineseries/ /exmortis.php /exmortis_2.php n/index_e.php Viridian Room - English] /crimson_e.php The Crimson Room - English] hite_e.php The White Chamber - English] /ghostcam/ghostcam.html The Caller adept/TheatreWebCam.html Furman Theater Cam tcam/html/live_cam.html Craig Y Nos Castle st/childrenscam.html The Library: Childrens Room st/researchroom.html The Library: Research Room st/basementcam.html The Library: Basement Hallway
>> Anonymous OKC-PRG / OPRA Research Cams
sref=basement/boiler The Ghost Watch: Boiler Room
html Gennies House .html Genesta's House Cam1 m The Catacombs me/gamegame.html /splash.html re 05/?read=article_taylor -> fucking love this one tm solved-mysteries/ 13.html
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someone put these on wikibrix

i have too many random links in textfiles, and I don't want duplicates
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Blank pages don't make me shit bricks.