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This place is known as the world between the worlds.

In this place, there are many trees. Every tree has a thick, rugged trunk, roots that trench deeply into the soil, venous green leaves and thick, coiling branches. Each trunk is as wide around as a man with his arms fully extended; each tree is as old as time itself. There is the warm light of sunset, though there is no sun in the sky. The air is warm and smells like cedar; the soil is black and loamy. If you wander between the trees, you will hear the wind breezing through them and the sound of water lapping. There are no animals here, nothing but misty light and the whisper of water and leaf.

There are many pools of water in this place, in the hollows between the trees. Each of these pools is a perfect circle; though they are natural, their contours are seamless and even. No matter how hard you look, your eyes will never pierce past their silver surface. You may step into a pool, but be warned: each pool leads to a different universe.
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Thanks. I'll explain what I meant by it. I wanted to start a series based on places, mythical and paranormal, that the reader can visit. The focus would be a little different than the Holder and the SCP series, which I would both classify as 'horror.'

This series (which I'll call the 'Place' series) would be more 'documentary' than horror. It would try to have a basis in reported experience - i.e., the places chosen would be ones that people claim to have visited. I got the idea for this piece by reading short piece about C.S. Lewis and his writing about a place with this name, which someone said read like felt experience - i.e., usually not inserted into the plot to advance the story, but included because it seemed to reflect some actual experienced meditative reality. This is an adopted version of that, with my own details. I don't read C.S. Lewis, but I thought this anecdote was interesting.

I would like to write more, with the next piece being about the Astral Field, which I know a little bit more about from my own experience.
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Ive just started reading the chronicles of narnia, and this is in the first book The magicians Nephew. Its a really good idea i thought. Id like to see what you come up with from this :)
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sounds like pure shit to me
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Sounds like Chronicles of Narnia to me. There's a scenario just like that in one of the books.