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Item#: SCP-9000+

Special Containment Procedures: Containment area must be fairly large for this creature is entirely made of over 9000. It should have one exit only, no other openings for escape, this creature is used to long sweaty nights infront of a computer so ventilation is not necessary, FBI Party v& should be parked outside of the enclosure's one exit at all times to deterr it's escape, on the offchance that SCP-9000+ does aquire the courage to run past the v&, the only way to halt it will be with a tazer, which all security employee's should carry, it will scream "Don't TASE ME BRO," but you should never let this stop you.

Because Anonymous, as SCP-9000+ is called by the staff...
Does not forgive.
Does not forget.
>> Anonymous
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