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Item#: SCP-016

Item SCP-016 is to be kept in an hermetically sealed chamber, reinforced with at least 16.4 cm of iron alloy [C 0.997, Mn 0.346]. The only entrance must be a triple airlock with decontmination procedures including ultra violet bombardment, benzene disinfection and heating to the minimum of 386.4K. At any sign of a breech, Containment Protocol Alfa (CPA) is to be initiated. The decontamination chambers and the whole first safety perimeter (SP1) must also be disinfected with flamethrowers.

If samples are needed, at least two personnel must enter. They must both have level 4 hazard equipment clearances and wear NBC-suits with the flame thrower add-on. No personnel may be in the room if not CPA is activated. Upon entering, one personnel must constantly watch the chamber for any sign of SCP-016 reforming. If reformation begins, the personnel is to open fire and keep firing until all personnel has gone through the airlock. The second personnel is to take the sample following standard safety protocols.

SCP-016 is an organic organism of unknown origin. It is composed of RNA-bacteria and the science team has seen evidence of unknown safeguards that keep the mutation level down. The bacterium seems to perform some kind electromagnetic communication when within ~0.136 mm distance of each other. The communication pathways resemble those of a neural network and the specimen seems to get rudimentary motor control when about a fifth of the chamber's bacterium communicates. When the whole colony is assembled, the specimen shows clear signs of sentience. To the naked eye, the assembled colony looks like a semi-transparent, constantly shifting, grey mass. All attempts to communicate with the specimen so far have failed.
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SCP-016 is to be considered extremely dangerous. Tests so far show that the specimen is capable of infecting almost any organic being and start reproducing. This process is lethal within 3 minutes for all species tested so far (including humans). When collected, the specimen is capable of producing forces great enough to rip a human apart in an instant. In 2001 a containment breech resulted in the deaths of 14 personnel and tests after containment showed significant mutation in the escaped strain.

Containment Protocol Alfa: The most effective way to keep SCP-016 from reforming is to create heavily turbulent airflows in the containment chamber. This is done with 8 industrial fans placed in the rooms corners. The neural network of SCP-016 is disrupted by current and to keep SCP-016 from exploring weaknesses in the walls of the chamber, an electromagnetic field has been put in place that reaches about 10 cm into the room.
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