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/x/ has taught me: Anonymous
That no matter how unbelievably shitty my photoshop is, you will step over your dead grandmother to give me advice about nonexistant BEK's.

What has /x/ taught you?
>> Anonymous
Never go near your closet, ever.
Mirrors are evil.
Shadowpeople are everywhere.
I am the demons.
>> Anonymous
That people are irredeemably naive.
>> Anonymous
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average /x/ poster or brick
which is smarter?
>> Anonymous
That 4chan belongs to the gaiafags now.
>> Anonymous
Polio is more disturbing than anything paranormal
>> Anonymous
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Don't open .gifs.
Youtube is full of rick astley and shit.
Cthulhu is 'not' real.
Abandoned clown train is freaky as hell.
>> Anonymous
That, while mythology can be interesting, it's impact on stupid people is analogous to the situation of a moth and a lamp post.
>> Anonymous
.gifs are the enemy

there are a lot of girls on /x/

when people are too uninformed or stupid to see a rational explanation, they immediately assume the paranormal has occurred
>> Anonymous
I need to find something better to do just before I go to sleep.
>> Anonymous
That some people scare way too fucking easy.
>> Anonymous
.gifs are a no go.
Alucard rapes everything.
LHC will destroy the world.
>> Lofwyr
* That, contrary to popular belief, necrophilia is not dead boring.
* That there are some really creative /x/philes around here (SCP anyone?).
* How cool mindfucks are.
>> Anonymous
Gtfo /b/tard.

/x/ has given me insight into what is truly scary and horrible, why people are frightened and what fear is.

Also, I learned that nothing on /x/ is scary. Ever. Its full of bullshit by people who want to live in their own fucked up world, not realizing they'd probably fail hard if all the shit they wished would happen actually did.
>> Anonymous
SCP series was horrible. Some of the Holders was good, but besides that, whenever you get a bunch of people together writing, you're gonna get 90% bullshit.
>> Anonymous
The only 2 good creepypasta threads ever made were made by The Librarian.
>> Anonymous
The Holders series was interesting at first, but when you have the same basic framework for each post, it gets extremely banal. The series should have ended long ago; it just got stale.
>> Anonymous
The OP of any thread directly related to the poster himself, e.g. "ask a wizard," "I just saw a ghost," etc., will generally stop replying after the 20th post or fifteen minutes, whichever comes first.