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Ok /x/ I need some ideas

Right now I'm talking to a girl over AIM and pretending to be a Shadow Person that has been following her around for the past few weeks. As this is fun enough already, she's already calling all her friends trying to figure out who it is. This is just entertainment for me put I'm running out of ideas of what to say to her. Ideas /x/?
>> Anonymous
"Tits or GTFO"
>> Anonymous
What sorta stuff have you already used?
>> SCP-013
Tell her you stopped watching her in the bathroom so she should loosen up already.
>> Anonymous
She's going to die in a few weeks. You'll rape her in her sleep. Whatever, works.
>> Anonymous
Tell us what you've already said.
>> Anonymous
chatlog or gtfo
>> The warning !M6R0eWkIpk
Do not Mock us, or we will come and infect you.

This human i am in is alredy wearing thin........ Do not mock us.
>> Anonymous
Shadow people are fucking fags. They're so desperate for cocks that they possess humans so they can satisfy their insatiable hunger for them.

There, consider yourself mocked, attentionfag.
>> Anonymous
OP here, sorry I was gone for so long
I told her that I'm messing with her head. She is also part /b/tard so I told her 'You lost'. But mostly she was trying to figure out who I was.

Lost a lot but now I got her to think I am really a ghost.

Her: so you werent lying.
Me: About?
Her: coming back
Me: Ah.
Me: Why should I lie?
Her: well you've been lying to me all night.
Her: *shrugs*
Her: figrued you're mother or father called you out for supper or something
ME: No, one of the nighbors had a heart attack, Just checking it out.
Me: It wasn't because of me.
Her: um...thats what i assume
Me: Good to know
Her: did he die?
Me: No, just od on some meds, he'll be fine a few hours.
Her: good to know...
Her: so... hwo old are you...hoodie?
Me: Hard to say, how old is God?
Her: arent we arrogent?
Her: so you're ageless
Me: In a sence

I said she was a girl, dumbass, no cocks to suck.
>> Anonymous
>I said she was a trap, dumbass, I love to suck.