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Hey, does /x/ remember me? From that SCP-636 thread last night?( >>498832 ). Well, I wrote it, and even made the picture myself, though it kinda sucks. It was a bitch to do, considered I had to calculate the amount of days from July 7th, 1947, including leap years. You be the judge of how well I did it.
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Document# 636-21:

“On February 29th, 2000, SCP-636 completed its 18,994 intervals, and it self-detonated, injuring 1, expendable, class-d personnel. Apparently, the self-destruction mechanism destroyed the outer ring and heavily damaged the engine core. Pieces of it were recovered, and one was even revitalized enough to be used as an energy source for [EXPUDGED]. It is assumed of it to protect what data it stored within itself, however it is unknown why the process took over 50 years to complete. The data chip that came with the object immediately burned out when SCP-636 exploded. No damage was done to the container, nor was any other personnel injured. The environment around SCP-636 was not toxic after explosion, so renovations should commence immediately to allow more objects to be stored there.” - Dr. [636-0021D]
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No comments? does it suck that much?
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It's not -bad-, per se. It's a little long, but it is well-written. I guess it just lacks poignancy. Doesn't really make me consider "What if I came into contact with this object?" or "What significance does this object have for me?" Still at least you're trying and you have a basic respect for the English language.
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yeah, i noticed that too, but it wasn't made(and i realize that's the point of the series, but there's a plothole, currently) because SCP-636 was referenced to twice(one was overwritten and the reference deleted) so unless the other is gone its gonna have to stay like that.