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KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
He's starting to come into the real world...I can feel it

it's like, I can hear him talking to me, just telling me obscure facts

and I know it's not voices in my head
because I can hear it
my ears hear it
it's not my mind

I've talked to people about voices in the back of their heads, and they tell me it's in the mind, and you can't physically hear it

but this is real
he's like a shadow...
>> Anonymous
Who the fuck are you, fucking amateur?
Write better, then come back.
>> SCP-013 !wBhuM0dwZA
Shut the fuck up. Kaldros has been complaining about this guy for a while. So, Kaldros, what's been up with 'Him' lately?
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
sorry that you've missed over a week of these

not sure. I haven't seen his physical form since the car, but I'm just starting to hear him now, and that's about it
>> SCP-013 !wBhuM0dwZA
Well, that's good, I guess. Did you ever try anything with a large number of mirrors?
>> Anonymous
From what I've seen second-hand (girlfriend is bipolar), voices can actually sound like they're coming from elsewhere, i.e. being spoken by someone. Go get an evaluation.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
Well not yet, because I don't really want to have to try to figure out a way to gather mirrors without other people think I'm going insane
plus, I'm not feeling like it has to do with the mirrors, really.

I talked to two of my friends, and am going to talk to my psychiatrist, about it
they told me it's more of this sense of being talked to, and you hear words in your head that you yourself aren't really forming
but it's not really a sense of hearing where your eardrums vibrate, etc.
>> Anonymous

Can confirm, I very occasionally hear a relative's voice when they're not really there. Feels like I'm really hearing it at the time, but afterwards I have a powerful sensation of wrongness and begin to wonder whether it actually happened or not. I can tell direction, it comes from outside my door to my left every time. For now, it's nothing, but if it gets more frequent I'll get myself checked.
>> Anonymous
ITT: /x/ mistakes schizotypal delusions for psychic ability.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
with that in mind, I am definatly going to tell my psych

like I said, I know people on it, and they have meds that help them
hopefully it helps me

and I just hope that this is something that has never been a recorded case of quick development...
>> Anonymous
is there a difference?
maybe his voice is the part of his psyche that can predict/evaluate things the other cannot?
>> Anonymous
ever post pics of the 19 on your wall?
>> Anonymous
Yeah, definitely make sure you explain very precisely that you actually seem to hear it from an external source. In all honesty, it probably has a psychological cause that can be treated with therapy and/or appropriate medications. The downside is that it usually takes awhile and experimentation with several medicines to find something that works well and doesn't have annoying side-effects (something I've learned while helping the girlfriend through treatment).

Good luck. Psychological abnormalities can be pretty creepy and unpredictable, but they usually *are* treatable.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
still gotta get my friend to lend me her camera =/