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Ermac !saZyK1LSkI
I'm going to write a bri/x/ shitting novel.

I will put "this novel is dedicated to /x/" in the dedication page

wish me luck!

brb 45 days with a PDF of mah book
>> Mage-kern
good luck, I've been sitting on some ideas of my own too.

Perhaps someday I'll get the motivation to actually write
>> Craniate !mGxZ3zVik2
Looking forward to it.
>> Anonymous
I was going to write something almost identical to this but felt like being nice, thank you
>> Anonymous
So 7th grade is the lowest you will go? That's an indication you are attending high school yourself. I would consider anyone in high school a shitty writer, but by choosing 7th grade you are probably somewhere in 9th-11th grade. Maybe 12th if my estimation is a little off.
>> Ermac !saZyK1LSkI
I no Stephen King, but fuck,>>503899couldn't be more wrong about me.

I'm 20 years old. I have a good job. I just decided to try and write a scary ass story because I'm tired of reading copy pasta.
>> Anonymous

OP desperately trying to defend himself. Go back to your pokemon cards and leave writing to the jews. Demons and shadow people?? LOL. Yeah, dedicate it to /x/ since this thread basically sums up ALL of /x/.
>> Shadownhero !WABCAFs6Hg
/x/ will buy it because it has /x/ on it. :l
>> /kit
Don't forget SCP and Holders... This kid will probably show up with some shit, post it and refuse to accept any criticism on it. Either that, or he plans to copy/paste John Dies at the End and replace all the names...
>> Anonymous

Tough guy or TOUGHEST guy?