File :-(, x, )
KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
okay, this either happened before, or I'm being fucked with

I got an email today stating
"If you continue to acknowledge his presence, he will attack. Ignore him, and he will go back to being you"

I tried replying, and got a 'this email is not valid' alert

someone sent it without wanting to b traced...

also, the picture of 19 will be uploaded in about a day or so
>> Anonymous
Back in the day we had an idea, to create an email account, and send creepy notes to that address, and then check it once a while and shit bri/x/

I forget the address, but the password was theholderofthetruth or something. I remember trying to check it once, but it wasn't there.

Did this ever get off the ground?
>> OPERATION !ozxrEh76Ag
That was not a joke, that was simply a reminder.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
reminder? did I ever know this?
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
it's getting weird now

it's like, my dreams
are only black
but it's not like a lack of dreams

it's like it is a dream
just pitch black
>> Anonymous
picture yet?
>> Anonymous
I think I read somewhere that we ALWAYS dream, we just don't always remember it.
>> Anonymous
what, what? in the butt?
>> Anonymous
god i hate namefags.
>> Anonymous
>> Anonymous

It's not physically possible to not dream when you sleep, the moment you enter REM you'll start dreaming.
>> Kaiel
in the dreams of blackness. are there screaming/screeching voices and dark silhouettes?

also, out of curiosity what is kaldros taviir?
>> Anonymous
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
if I recall correctly, there was this distressed voice that I couldn't make out...

oh fuck, I should have listened...

Also, these updates have been going on for about 2-3 weeks now
Kaldros Taviir is the name I go by in order for people to know that it's me, and not some bogus guy making shit up about my life
>> Anonymous
you dream in deep sleep (stages N3 & N4) and REM sleep.
it is also possible that we dream during light sleep
>> Nightmare Otaku !!GTROp2Z31oC
Kaldros! I thought he might've got you! I haven't seen you post in a while so I was like "Oh fuck!" Did you ever try anything with the mirrors like I suggested? Or were you unable to find a carnival? Yes, It's SCP-013. Just a new name.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
I got a bunch of mirrors lined up in target while they weren't paying attention, but that didn't do much. I just felt the constant fear of being watched is all

so far I'm okay, I think. but my hands keep getting this numb feeling that I'm kinda worried about
>> Nightmare Otaku !!GTROp2Z31oC
Hm. I'm still severely unsure as to what is going on, but it could be either you've gone loco, or your life is a creepypasta. Keep me informed, and I'll try to help as much as possible, alright?
>> Anon
>> Anonymous
no no no, lets see where this goes it might start getting original in a few posts.
>> Anonymous
it's been going. Not anyone else's fault that you haven't noticed it.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
Okay so...
two nights in a row now, I've dropped my friend off at his house, and as I'm turning a corner to get home, there's been this old man walking his german sheperd

twice he has been there
in the exact position with his dog.

the man has ben like waiting to cross the street, and by the time I got there, he could have already crossed, but he waits for me to pass first

he's done this twice
and his dog
it looks at me strangely...

I don't know why, but the first time it happened I didn't care
but second's kind of unnerving...
>> Nightmare Otaku !!GTROp2Z31oC
DUDE KALDROS DUDE! You should check out the new *chan and keep us updated there as well.
It's like /x/, but without all the /b/ or sage.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
sorry I messed that up lst night. the dog is a golden retriever. no spots.
>> Anonymous
Maybe the email refers to and/or was written by the little man inside you who commits evil deeds.
>> MAGNUS !hEpdoZ.tHU
*cough* copypasta.
>> Anonymous
It's been awhile since I've lurked /x/

Anyone wanna give me a summary of the shit that happened before this?
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
I think today marks 2 weeks..maybe 3...I've been losing sense of time

Basically I heard a knocking on my door thursday late night/early morning
there was no one there when I looked out the window, or through the hole

I went to open the door, and blacked out, waking up sunday evening, only to find out I've been moving those days I blacked out, but apparently I was a bit different

every time I've looked into a mirror, it feels like I'm not staring at myself anymore

and I keep having dreams about someone who looks like me just smiling at me, but not saying anything
and now the number 19 is carved on my wall

yes, I still need to get a picture. I'm sorry but my only friend who can let me borrow a camera can't find the cord to plug it into the computer
>> Anonymous
You sound like you might have multiple personalities.

Go to a shrink and see what they say.

Paranormal or not, you got a hard road ahead of you.
>> Anonymous
You are the end result of a shoddy breeding history. Your genetic composition is unstable, resulting in your inferior mental durability.
>> Anonymous
If they bother you so much, just run them the fuck over, go to a car wash after, and you're all set. They either won't be going out anymore, or they'll be dead.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
already got one.
he seems to think that it's more of my subconsious' manifestation
and that we both need to figure out what's going on

except I feel it's much worse than that

see, I can hear him whispering as if he's right next to me

but from my description, my shrink just thinks it's more of stress, and not me hearing voices in my head =/
>> KaldrosTaviir !8VNqo61zNc
All the ways you wish you could be, that's me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
weak. fuck off
>> RiivatSordlak !A6y7cIfKxw
I will take over eventually.

you can't stop me.
>> Doegy !pww.X/1uYI
hey try this, come live in this shit hole called Hong Kong, where u work fucking day till night, almost never able to see the sun in you damn office, get light see the sun light. Can't earn enough money for decent food, most of the people here can't even aford a 800'ft house for all the money they earn in their life, sleep less then 7 hours a day.... Than you wouldn't have the luxury of think about all these non sense.
Thank you God!
>> KaldrosTaviir!!rr8A0gmkprM
>> Anonymous

dammit. I have to scroll pretty quickly past that picture every time I see it. it looks like she's moving every time i see it out of the corner of my eye.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
lol weak ass tripfaggotry
>> KaldrosTaviir !d2aMIt1H9w

Don't listen to those fucking idiots... I'm the real Kaldros
>> Anonymous
People usually walk dogs at the same time every night. Just get there an hour early/late and see if he's there again. If so, try talking to him perhaps?
>> Nightmare Otaku !!GTROp2Z31oC
No, well, maybe...I dunno. Just post it in /g/.
>> Anonymous
No one gives a fuck, lying cunt.