File :-(, x, )
Item #: SCP-125
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-125 is to be kept sealed within the vault it resided in when discovered, a brick room within a mine near [location expunged]. No staff are to view it, directly or indirectly, unless scheduled for termination. All research on SCP-125 is complete, and no further viewing is required. Any information hinting that SCP-125's name has been found requires procedure 125-B to be carried out.
>> Anonymous
Description: SCP-125 is an entity of unknown age and origin. It resembles a headless human male of average build, with a raw stump for a neck. The wound does not close or decay. SCP-125's hands contain large, toothed mouths. All efforts to examine whether these function have been met with violent resistance, as has any physical contact or sudden activity in the vicinity of SCP-125. SCP-125 has shown no attempt to physically leave the brick-walled vault which houses it, though during event 125-A it disappeared at an unknown time between 1:35 PM and 1:42 PM on [expunged].
>> Anonymous
Addendum A: Event 125-A
During Event 125-A, the whereabouts of SCP-125 were unknown, though it is believed to have taken some form of possession of overseer 05-?, who discovered documents detailing the history of SCP-125 two days prior to the Event. Before the Event, overseer 05-? made significant discoveries from the documents, believed to originate in the middle east, circa 500 AD.
Research carried out prior to Event 125-A indicates that the cause of the event was the discovery and reading of SCP-125's name by 05-? during research. SCP-125 is shown to have considerable influence over any individual which has seen or heard the name. Research into whether the copy of the name must be deliberately transcribed for it to have this effect is considered too dangerous to carry out.
>> Anonymous
Addendum: Containment Procedure 125-B
Should SCP-125's name be discovered, SCP-125 will become an immediate threat to any with knowledge of it's name. SCP-125 will have considerable control over the personnel, and will force them to spread knowledge of its name. Events 125-C and 125-E indicate that if six or more personnel are under its control, it will attempt to bring one to its physical location for unknown purposes. Should the breach in security come from within the facility, as in events 125-C and 125-D, all personnel within SCP-125's containment area are to be terminated through the use of nerve gas, which may be administered through ventilation systems from security checkpoints A and B. After all personnel within the security area have been terminated, class-D personnel wearing high-opacity goggles may begin cleanup operations and restore the manuscript containing SCP-125's name to the secure vault. Any military action may be authorized should the influence of SCP-125 spread outside the facility.
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What is the name!!??
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     File :-(, x)
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Look at the OP's filename.
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SCP series is definitely some of the best copypasta out there. fuck that holders bullshit.

the possessed living room that absorbs people and turns them into furniture is kinda creepy too.

are there any images for the other items yet?
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my bad.
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OP here. The idea is not mine, it's Y'golonac from the cthulhu mythos. Probably derleth.
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Relax, you'd all already seen the filename and become doomed to be a puppet of Ygolonac as soon as you started to read this thread. I'm just clarifying it a bit for the idiots.
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SCP series rocks. Anyone wanna post the rest of it? I gotta get that shit in a text file or something.
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Also, I'd post you a song about Ygolonac, but apparently we cannot post imageRARs anymore.
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this is the first time i have encountered the SCP series. please moar.
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Very interesting.