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The Holder of Ascendance Anonymous
I figured I'd write this for /x/. Posting in segments.

The Holder of Ascendance

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself into. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit what calls itself "The Holder of Ascendance." Time will stop. The worker and all around you will freeze indefinitely, should you choose to leave the building, you will find the world around you forever stuck in this small pocket of eternity, never to advance or recede again; however, after a few moments of waiting within the now-still lobby. The wall behind the worker's position will begin to evaporate, the formless matter eventually being sucked in by the black void beneath it, leaving only a clean, dark space where the area once stood. Advance toward the anomaly, and step through. After breaching this apparent edge of reality, you will find yourself in a space of seemingly eternal darkness. Wait until a blaring light in the distance shines upon where you stand. As the light illuminates your surroundings, you will begin to see the aged metallic hallway around you. It spans endlessly in two directions, one ahead and one behind. The light shines ahead of you, only slightly giving you a small degree of vision, yet darkness continues to envelop your surroundings -- seeming to combat and push against the light before you as a display of unhindered dominance. Walk forward, for the passage behind you leads to places impossible to describe with mortal language. As you proceed, the hall that surrounds you will begin to gradually widen with time, it will come to the point where you can no longer see anything but the light illuminating the floor beneath your feet, and the shining ray of guidance far in the distance.
>> The Holder of Ascendance Anonymous
Along your tiresome journey, the outlines colossal shapes may begin to form within the expanses of the infinity before you, yet pay them no mind, you are but a gnat to their might. These timeless monstrosities that lurk beyond the borders of
reality span for eons above you, shifting the weight of the shapeless world as they drag their obscurities through the pitch darkness. You will never encounter the source of the mysterious light, though providing that you stayed on course, you will find the frame of a door standing tall amidst the nothing that envelops it. It may take you a lifetime of moving through infinity to finally come across the suspended doorway, yet you will never age. Your stamina and youth is without limit here, where the mere constraints of time do not have a place. Upon stepping through the entrance, you will be within small, confined room -- a place that should not be, taking into account the simple, isolated doorway. A sourceless dim light will illuminate the room of winding steel, and before you will exist a shapeless, mutable form. Razor-toothed maws shift and bend along its tar-like form, appearing in one place, only to sink back in and arise in another. Hastily ask it a single question, "how might I ascend from the hell which awaits me?" No other, as it will crush and mutilate you with unfathomable force should you allow it time to sense your presence.
>> The Holder of Ascendance Anonymous
Impossible images that defy the very foundations of reality willflood into your mind, the truths of bending time and space, and the displacement of self mastered by His endless legions. As the knowledge overcomes you, your consciousness will begin to swirl, until it has gradually faded to nothing. You will wake in the bedroom of the place you call home, a small, unbreakable glass case resting upon your chest. Within the case lay a miniature black hole, curving the vision of the matter that surrounds it. Its gravity will hold no effect while encased, and its enclosure has no visible opening along its surface.

The black hole within is Object 203 out of 538. Its cage will shatter as They merge.
>> Delibird !XbJTla5niA
Not bad. Could be a little shorter, though, otherwise you're running into tl;dr territory with some people.
>> Anonymous
Sorry, I pretty much hate all Holders stories now. It was a good try but they're all way to fucking formulaic at this point for me to enjoy anymore. Go to mental institution/halfway house ask for holder x, undergo difficult trek y to holder x, failure results in horrible death z. If for some reason you're able to do all of that without going mad and remember the question you are supposed to ask holder x, then you get the item. Rinse and fucking repeat for god knows how many times.
>> Anonymous
Eh, you've seen one Holders stories, you've seen em all. Although this was decently written. You have potential, just be more original.
>> Anonymous
Home of all the Holder stories:
>> Anonymous
The one thing that intrigues me about the holder stories is the object that we never get a decent explaination about that should never be braught back together. I wonder if it's supposed to be something that started the war in heaven some sort of holy relic that was faught over. Who knows. its just a story after all.
>> Anonymous
It's impossible to be original with the Holders series.

Formula: go someplace spooky + do specific, eccentric things + meet strange person-creature = get an item that will do something bad
>> Anonymous
I'd walk around in the world with time stopped. Screw the Objects.
>> Anonymous
I liked it. I go through phases of getting really sick of it and enjoying it enough to give a thumbs up. You get the thumbs up.
>> Adol Christin !o7IoaYt5UM
I only like a few of the Holders.

I like how some Objects have to be used to get other objects.

The Sword of the White King is awesome.

I like the SCPs more, personally

fuck yeah Eraser