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Need horror story help Anonymous
Dear /x/,
I need your help for a writing assignment. I have to write a story, and in it, a child walks into a village with his friend. Tell me, /x/, what's in this village?

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>> Anonymous
/x/ never used to do your homework for you
>> Anonymous

go with number 6. Start dropping little hints that somthing terrible happened. Overturned chairs, signs of a struggle, leave it vague. Drop just enough info to get the reader's imagination in gear, then let them scare themselves silly.
>> Anonymous
here pick one some are pretty creepy
>> Phil Ossiferz Stone !!+SIUpCcih6c
It's deserted. No people. No blood. Some overturned furniture, some dishes dropped. Have the friend suggest it was The Rapture -- that'd be a good name, too -- but leave it vague for the reader. Sort of a Lady or the Tiger thing.
>> Anonymous
The two boys walked down the dusty path. It was a hot summer day in the American midwest, and dry earth billowed through the air as the sun beat mercilessly down upon them.
At long last they had arrived at the village. A quaint town, seemingly lost in a bygone era. Old fashioned radio antennas were ubiquitous, as were aluminum siding and little white picket fences.
There was a large white house the biggest on the street, and the boys, feeling tired and famished, ran up to it. Perhaps some nice folks were inside. But as they turned to walk up the driveway, they discovered something lying on the ground - honey, and two whole salmon! To their horror they realized that the village was not a village, but a bear!
Screaming in terror, the boys ran as fast as they could as the bear gave chase. It roared as it pounded after them, shaking the very ground.
One boy, shrieking, was grabbed by the bear and devoured. This distracted the bear long enough for the other boy to escape. For days he wandered the desert, until at last a park ranger found his dehydrated body collapsed by a large rock. After several weeks in the hospital, he made a full recovery.
He would go on to become a milkman.
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Anonymous is not doing your fucking homework
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Okay. Okay, here goes. This is what you must do:

Two boys walk into a village, only to realize that in fact, they have BECOME the village. Hilarity ensues, followed by a homosexual make-out session.

Thats right, the two boys were homofags.
Im lookin' at you, OP.
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>> Anonymous
They walk into the village and see people that they recognize, but the people they see don't acknowledge the boy or his friend. They start to see familiar people and places. The see their house, but it's surrounded by police cars.

They go inside--nobody notices them or tries to stop them. As the boy walks over to his room, he sees his parents being escorted by police. He yells and screams but nobody sees/hears him. He enters his room to see his body on the floor in a pool of blood. He stays in the room, crying and throwing things around in anger/confusion. We overhear someone downstairs mention strange noises coming from the room.

Turns out the boy is dead, and his friend is an angel escorting him into the afterlife---an afterlife where he must exist in the house in which he was killed, and haunt it.
>> gunn
They find a whole squadron of sock eating goblins that chase them to get their underwear, which turn out to be the holy grails of their religion and they have been searching the whole town for them over the last 657 years.
>> Kizzy Kinte
They walk into this village...

They See Joaquin Phoenix and Adrian Brody and figure it might be alright. Then they run into some old people who tell them everyone in the village thinks its 1897 and theyre fine with it. All untill they turn a corner and see Sigourney Weaver!

What a Twist!
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Then who spells correctly without over using caps lock?
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Silent hill?
>> Anonymous
Chainsaw man. He cuts the kid's friend's head off.
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Billy and James were two innocent children just enjoying their imaginary adventures throughout the woods situated behind their houses.
"Wait James!" yelled Billy, slightly out of breath, "I can’t run as fast as you!"
Billy didn’t stop, nor did he care, he relished in his ability to run faster than his counterpart, indeed he gained much joy listening to his friend pant with fatigue.
"If you want me to stop you're gonna need to catch me!" he shouted back, sprinting as fast as he could. His joy at his friends’ pain was evident.
As he ran he noticed smoke rising in the distance, this was odd considering their town was one with no surrounding hamlets or villages, let alone anyone else around for miles. James too noticed this, forgetting about his fatigue and short breath, and followed his friend through the rough undergrowth of the forest.
>> Anonymous

They arrived at a burning village, strange as it is, their boyish curiosity had gotten the better of them, they couldn’t resist the idea of saving someone and becoming heroes.
The two boys ventured towards a house that had only just started kindling, the smell of burning flesh had infected the air. James noticed a strange object on the floor and picked it up. He held it to his ear intent to find out what it was. He jumped back with horror; a voice had penetrated the object with ferocity.

As he dropped the strange item, Billy looked on with gaze of puzzlement and wander; he asked “What’s wrong?” Billy replied with a spike of fear “I don’t know... It seemed to talk to me, like a phone or something”. James couldn’t move, he looked on with a feeling of dread, the question he needed to ask was burning on the tip of his tongue...

“The... then... THEN WHO WAS PHONE!?”
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You sir, are an idiot.