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Do you prefer the Holders or SCP?

I think both are great, and greatly flawed.

Both have *amazing* moments, and both have utter-shit.
>> Anonymous
I dont' understand why anyone would like the Holders.

Not trying to be an ass, I genuinely don't. I am repeatedly baffled by persons who act like they enjoy or respect them.
>> Anonymous
Op: SCP.
What the fuck?
Who the fuck?
>> Anonymous
link plz?
>> Anonymous
Most of the SCPs, I'll admit, are actually pretty creative, although few are at all creepy, and non as creepy as original.

Holders, on the otherhand, consists of hundreds of blatant and unappologetic copies of one good pasta.. what the fuck
>> Anonymous

In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house in you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of the Life". The worker will try to suppress a groan and you will have to ask again. He will then lead you to an operating room that looks just like any other you might or might not have seen in your life. The worker will give you a scalpel and then leave you alone in the room, locking the door behind him.

You will have to wait. Wait for almost an hour. Then the door will open and several people will enter the room, including a pregnant woman. The woman will lie down on the operating table; the other people, who will look like doctors, will prepare everything for the child's birth. While they do that, you will be able to ask the woman one question. Ask "How can they be reassembled?” nothing else, or the doctors will begin to skin and disassemble you. You will be fully conscious while they do this.

If you have asked the right question, the woman will begin to scream, the child is about to be born. You will have to wait until it's over, and one of the doctors will give you the child, moving his mouth, but without sound coming from his lips. As soon as he finishes 'talking' and smiles, you will have to throw the child to the ground and ram the scalpel into its head, else it will smash your rib-cage and rip your heart out with inhuman strength.

If you have thrown the child to the ground in time, it will, despite the scalpel in its head, answer the question you have asked earlier. It will speak with a demonic voice that might drive you mad. While it is talking, the other people in the room will vanish without leaving a trace. After the child finishes talking, it will simply die and the door of the room will unlock. You are now free to go, if you have not been driven mad by the voice.

The dead baby is object 11 of 538. Dare you not remove the scalpel?
>> Anonymous
I'd cook the baby, grab a fork, and go at it. Scalpel = easy bite size pieces.
>> Anonymous
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Both were good at first and when you had a genuinely good idea going; otherwise they got old and repetitive quickly. Personally I found the SCPs easier to write.

Pic related - it's SCP-847, one of mine:
>> Nono
At first i liked th Hodlers but after this I like SCP *happy face*
>> Anonymous
Good one, Anon. Very creepy.