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Within the large wooden crate is a series of conjoined small wooden crates, eight inches square on the inside and constructed of 1-inch thick ashen planks, and 3 inches tall. There are four crates arranged two-by-two.

Each crate contains a large corrugated tin can, such as one would buy containing coffee grounds. The outside of the container is filled with hay straw and there are dried smears of urine and excrement covering the straw.

Around the base of the can are several carved holes within which a writhing anal opening can be seen periodically spurting forth refuse and gases.

From the top of the can, a huge fleshy tumor is erupting like a healthy blueberry muffin, dappled with pimples and other skin defects and intermittent, lone, coarse black hairs. Close to the base of the 8-inch tall tumor are two symmetrical fleshy nubs, each with a single joint, like the arms of a newborn bird.

Atop each tumor is a large, human-like mouth with aregular teeth, but lacking a tongue or other features one would expect. Inside is a 6-inch-deep fleshy cavity, 3 inches round and slightly elliptical, favoring the sides. It is pulsating slightly, and its end is terminated with 36 writhing, honeycomb-textured digestive papules that swell and shrink and constantly expel and ingest fluids.

Anything placed near the mouth will incite it to move toward the object and eat it by any available means, biting and swallowing rapidly as its hydrogen fluoride-based chyme quickly decomposes most foods. The mouth periodically expels a mass of mucous and dehydrated mineral salt waste.
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If anyone comes within range, the masses will swell in the direction of them and begin shouting 'Love me!' over and over, endlessly. Lacking a tongue, the masses speak by distorting their interior shape and moving their lips, which results in frequent expulsions of digestive chyme.

If they look at and focus on the masses with positive emotions and attitude, the masses will smile and return those emotions and remain silent. However, if the person ever stops focusing in this manner, the masses will begin greedily demanding in an aggravated tone 'Love me!' over and over, and directing palpable negative emotions at the being, even if the crate is closed, and will never cease until given a new object of affection.

The masses do not forgive, they do not forget, and the object of their affection will never stop hearing their cries no matter how far they run.
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Mnn... I could think of other uses for these cans..
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what scp is this?
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