File :-(, x, )
Good /x/ reading 1/-0
Ive been lurking for a while, and need some decent /x/ reading ranging from stories to informational.
Thanks, pdf's if you can.
inb4 crp,SCP,Holders,and Lovecraft.
>> St. Alu The Confuser !yj1TmmUOMY
zombie survival guide
>> Anonymous
Also, World War Z
>> 1/-0
Already own both. To be more specific Im looking for things similar to what people pass around through rs, ie the satanic bible, some guys latest theory on the End of the world etc. Public domain stuff k? Thanks for helping me.
Also satanic bible=|=want. just an example.
>> St. Alu The Confuser !yj1TmmUOMY
you dont want that.
its gardner-arian wiccanism
with anton levey's limited vision of satanism sprinkled on top.
>> 1/-0
Did I just confuse the confuser ?
=|= this is not equals although I guess =/= would be better
>> St. Alu The Confuser !yj1TmmUOMY
moar into hardware.
>> Anonymous
Do your own damn work, this isn't /x/ - handouts
>> Anonymous

Hey, guy.

Quit being a tripfaggot.
>> St. Alu The Confuser !yj1TmmUOMY
hey im not your guy. buddie.
>> Anonymous