File :-(, x, )

Remains of Tesla

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

subject is to be kept in an 8'x8' white room that is constantly illuminated. Any number of persons may be admitted into the quarters though it is advised that no more than one person at a time be allowed in as the subject becomes at first shy, then hostile. Subject seems to be able to sustain itself without nutrition. no further special procedures must be taken


About eight feet tall, same skeletal structure as that of a full grown male human. Skin is pale and ashen. Eyes are golden with no pupil, though is still clearly able to see. Facial structure is the same as a Human, though no visible holes. Only Hair it appears to posses is about 3 feet in length, grey. growing from it's scalp. Only other difference were two incisors instead of one for both rows of teeth. Found in an abandoned tenant in XXXXXX,XXXXXX, on August XX,19XX, Subject was found to be manipulation the physics various small objects within a five foot diameter of itself, though seemingly unable to manipulate it's own physics. Peacefully accepted capture and transportation. Showed no Subject displayed no hostilities until ------. Appears to be hostile towards large groups of people. Uses the same physic defying ability on it's targets to viscously reduce them to a singularity, as was observed. Subject remained hostile until there were only a fraction of the original observers remained, then returned to a docile state. No violent actions were taken against the being for fear it could cause a large physical rift which could destroy more then a few lives. Subject is now contained under XXXXX under constant watch for any change in nature.
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Document #214-A
After several months of constant survey, on December XX, 19XX the being created what we believe to be a writing implement and a sort of paper. Began to write continuously and ended after two weeks of observed writing. After having completed what it was doing, subject slipped it's paper under the door. Paper was found to be the schematics for an Anti-Material weapon using current technology. Weapon is still being developed, though progress is being made, and strangely enough, at the same pace as the being had calculated. Some of the researchers have begun to call it "Tesla", after the physicist Nikola Tesla. hat these observations reveal is 1. The being is highly aware of it's surroundings and current time. 2. the being is highly intelligent, it's power is not innately used, but something it can control. 3. The being is held willingly; the creature could have escaped long ago if it was able to destroy matter, or at least compress it (as was observed during the initial observations).

Document #214-B
June XX,20XX - Subject has given man blueprints since the first one back in 19XX. It is obvious how dangerous this being has become. Not only for it's power, but for it's intelligence and willingness to give out information on destructively weaponry. All blueprints after 02X are to be incinerated by Class D personnel and then executed. We've yet to discover if it is neutral or our friend, but one thing remains certain - if any of our enemies were to get their hand on SCP-XXX, humanity would be put in grave danger.
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Sounds quite good.
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Does it have a number?
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I propose 932.
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Document #73-r

Subject has been observed displaying new abilities. All personnel banned from enclosure until further notice. Previous observations stated subject now uses eye contact to initiate takeover. Those personnel killed were seen to bite off their tounges before attempting to rip open the stomachs of those members of personnel not taken over. Sgt Banks was believed to have called a cab, and when it came near, the license plate was stated to say fresh, and it was also known to have a dice in the mirror.
On record, Sgt Banks stated 'This cab was rare'
Subject, having used its psychic abilities to read his mind communicated he had then though 'Na, forget it'

Sgt Banks then stated 'Yo Homes, to Bel Air'.

The incident will be followed up.
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Other than punctuation/spelling/grammar, nifty idea.
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Too melodramatic. Keep it official.
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