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SCP Anonymous
Item #: SCP-1003 - Brown Note Kazoo

Object Class: SAFE

Special Containment Procedures: Normally, SCP-1003 is to be kept in a 6" X 4" X 8" vaccum box in sound proof containment room #4, but item can usually be found on the desk or possesion of head researcher, Dr. _______ _________. This is allowed due to the relatively low level of danger the item is capable of producing. However the item is not allowed to leave the SCP facility or is Dr. ______ _______ and said item allowed into the intercom room again.
Description: The circumstances in which SCP-1003 was discovered are not clear, but is thought to have originated from a pack of twelve kazoos purchased for a children's birthday party in a town along the Mexican border. Humming with the correct amount of force into SCP-1003 generates a reverberated note whose pitch and frequency illicit an involuntary response in all human subjects resulting in the subject defecating. Most subjects are unaware that they have soiled themselves and the reflex is only apparent in humans.

SCP-1003 has demonstrated a peculiar level of awareness. When subjects are aware of it's presence or expecting the note, it becomes impossible to strike the proper note to illicit the defecating reflex. It is thought that SCP-1003 will only "allow" playing of the note, when the circumstances are optimal for it to be funny.

Attempts to duplicate this phenomenon with other instruments or computers have been fruitless.
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