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SCP-001: The Well

Class: Safe/Elucid/Keter

Special Containment Procedure:

SCP-001 is to be [DATA EXPUNGED]
Description: SCP-001 is a well that lies whithin the city of Jeruselam. The well's "proprites" are said to date back as far as 30 A.D. The well is currently an existential threat. The well has the ability to grant a wish, at the cost of the user's existence.

Warning Protocol: The wishes have affected the timestream and some key events in history. The affects of SCP-001 because of the change reality undergoes seem to only be known by SCP-343.

FURTHER NOTES: The ability to use SCP-001 is no longer available at the moment, SCP-343 explained that this was due to the noble sacrafice of SCP Director ???? ??????????. SCP is a non centralized organization with no executive leader, director or coordinator. SCP governed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further knowledge of SCP-001 is of the highest priority and is only to be discussed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon the suggestion of [DATA EXPUNGED] and ?????? all knowledge of SCP-001 are to be carefully bestowed to SCP-824.

NOTICE: SCP-343 has explained that SCP-001 is [DATA EXPUNGED]. To this day it is unkown what SCP-343 meant by the statement.
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SCP worthy but is it SCP-001 worthy?
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I wouldn't say so.
Add it as a random SCP.
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not quite, but still an interesting one
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>SCP is a non centralized organization with no executive leader, director or coordinator...

Don't include this. If this is supposed to be an internal or departmental report, then this information is unnecessary, kind of takes away from the enigmatic feel of the memo/report.