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I feel like I need some artsy project to do this summer before my life goes back into business again. So, I think I'm gonna draw up a short-to-medium length comic about the SCP's, maybe longer if it gets enough support. As for the subject, I've decided to make it about the mini-drama between SCP-182 and SCP-76. I thought it was kind of an interesting concept. Expect appearances from 173, 343, 40, 139, and 517, brief or not.
Also, for the purposes of the comic being dynamic and not retarded, I'm taking some creative liberties on SCP-76-02's Physical Description. He won't be able to magically manifest melee weapons, I think immortality and superhuman everything is more than enough to make him cool. Also, expect him to look less like a final fantasy character and more like Iggy pop in metal pants with a big explosive collar on.
I'll upload some idea sketches tonight when I'm not too busy, and you can lemme know whatcha think.

Also, ideas on 182's character design would be greatly appreciated.
>> Mankip
One more note, I was thinking, to not ruin that air of suspicion and secrecy about the SCP copy pastas, that I'd try to make most of the panels from angles that look like it's being shot by a cameraman or security camera. Should leave plenty of angles, I'm sure the facilities have dickloads of cameras.
>> Anonymous
Oh, fail. Fail fail fail.
>> Anonymous
Not /x/ material.
>> Mankip
Too bad, you're gonna get a gay paranormal love story and you're gonna like it.
>> Cog
I think the basic concept is interesting, especially the idea that it's all seen from security cameras, but I'm not sure how well it's all going to translate to a comic. Plus, it might help to go to the wiki and ask about each SCP.
>> Anonymous
expect people to get pissy about SCP's that they created and think they deserve credit for.
>> Anonymous
as long as you use the sperm sucking chick one
>> Anonymous
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Go for it!