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Special Quarantine Protocol A Noun You'll Miss
Introducing the spiritual successor to the SCP, I bring to you, the SQP!

Emphasis of these files is to kill or subdue, not simply containment.

Hopefully this will inspire someone else to make more of these, abit more creatively too. I only have like 6 of these prepared, so I hope someone can take after me.

(in the spirit of SCP, there won't be a SQP-000)



Classification: Docile, Civilized, Hostile
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>> SQP-001 A Noun You'll Miss
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SQP - 001
Name: Ghosts
Aliases: Specters, Poltergeists
Classification: Hostile
Perhaps one of the oldest forms of supernatural entities known to mankind. Historical logs and journals show some semblance of 001 in one form or another, often in forms of folklore and fables.

Known Physical Properties:
-Translucent Body
-Intangible, capable of flight
-Proven to terrorize living creatures, most often humans

Known Limitations:
-Historically proven to be bound to one place with a 1/2 mile diameter, often at the place of their former lives
-Felines and Canines are great for detecting 001, for they both run away and confront 001 respectively.

Known Methods of Quarantine:
Up until recent history, no viable method has been known to subdue, much less destroy 001. However, special interest groups have developed weapons specifically designed of containing 001 as it is now deemed incapable of subduing. One such group of parapsychology professors in [Data Expunged] labeling themselves as the now defunct [Data Expunged] has developed multiple weapons and containment barriers designed in taking down 001.
>> A Noun You'll Miss
A. A "[Classified Data]" rifle designed to expel "proton" particles designed to immobilize and move 001 to a designated location for the purpose of capturing 001s.
I. Multiple rifles can be used in tandem on 001 to boost success of quarentine
II. Special care must be noted that the proton particles, while harmless coming from one source, is deadly should they ever be crossed from other sources.*
*No data on what would happen in such an event, but [Data Expunged] theorized such an event to be similar to a [Classified Data].
B. A "[Classified Data]" designed with the sole purpose of containing and subduing 001 from harm.
I. Each pack is designed to accomodate only one 001, regardless of shape and size.
II. Hence, multiple packs are required when dealing with an infestation of 001.

Special Note: Under extreme duress, 001 will exhibit previously unknown qualities specific to that 001. One such incident was in 19XX in [Data Expunged] where as a last measure, a 001 took possession of a nearby company mascot, dubbed as the [Data Expunged]. With drastic efforts from the [Data Expunged] group, that specific 001 has been contained.

Efforts to locate the remaining members of [Data Expunged] has proven futile, as the members have either been deceased or have no afflication with the [Data Expunged] group. However, reverse engineering of the "[Classified Data]" and "[Classified Data]" have yielded great success and currently being fielded by Agents in Region 01, 02 and 06. Region 03 has met with difficult obstacles as the 001 in the region have shown to develop a tolerance to our countermeasures.
>> SQP-002 A Noun You'll Miss
     File :-(, x)
Name: Dalek
Classification: Hostile
Allegedly originating from the planet [Data Expunged], they were a race of aliens who, were created into what is now the 002. Having contempt for all races, diplomacy has been deemed impossible and extermination procedures thus far have been deemed futile. They have at various points in Earth's history known to subjugate and terrorize Earth.

Known physical properties:
-Known to many as a hovering cylindrical tank with many spheres encasing the hull.
-Commonly known to utter one phrase in a staccaco tone.
-A protruding plunger and a short range blaster is what seems to be their weapons arsenal.
Known limitations:
-They collectively are known to fear one individual called [Data Expunged], real name unknown.
-Their design limits them from chasing their targets in places that contain obstacles such as stairs and ladders*
*Their collective behavior no longer warrants this as a limitation, as they simply level the building to ensure casualities.

Quarentine Procedures:
-No known methods have been showed to take down 002 effectivly, for they have been known to encase their hulls. When met with an overwhelming chance of failure, 002 has been known to activate special protocol [Data Expunged] which sends them to a random point in time and space.

It should be noted that most, if not all, have recently been confirmed to have self-destructed under the actions of [Data Expunged]. Their creator, [Data Expunged], has not been confirmed to be destroyed among 002's. Should [Data Expunged] ever surface once more, measures will be taken to ensure [Data Expunged] demise.
>> Anonymous
Would be better if they focused on a specific creature, not a group like ghosts. And Dalek's aren't paranormal.
>> SQP-003 A Noun You'll Miss
     File :-(, x)
Name: Vampires
Classification: Hostile
Historical notes have shown that 003 is not born, but made from an existing 002 under the ceremony of "Siring". Hence, is would be plausible to note that there would be a patient zero. Ongoing effort in regions 01, 02 and 06 to locate and subdue patient zero has been met with little success.

"Siring": a ceremony where people, willing or not, engage in the exchange of bloodletting where a viral agent is transmitted to the individual, granting him or her special abilities

Physical Properties:
-Pale skin
-Engorged fangs, often elongating upwards of five inches
-Immortality save for special circumstances.
-Increased strength and vitality under nightfall
>> A Noun You'll Miss
-They require blood for sustenence. According to captured 003's, any blood will do but they're especially fond of human blood.*
Note: it seems to be a psycological need. Multiple test trials have noted that 003's show no differentiation to blood, regardless of source.
-Shows great abhorrence towards sunlight, specifically UV rays.
-Apart from physical injury, incabale of dying under normal means

Quarantine Procedures:
Pop culture and literary articles has aided [Data Expunged] greatly in developing countermeasures against 003.
A. Usage of holy symbols such as the Cross and the Star of David have been known to paralyze 003's, but not capable of killing them.
B. Items such as holy water and garlic cloves are known to produce an allergic reaction to 003's, regardless if they had such allergies pre-siring.
C. Items made of wood, when stabbed in the coronary region have proven to subdue 003's permamently.

Note: It is with great disdain that many among the teenage generation have been known to adore 003's and in fact, looking forward to the Siring. Should they be encounted post-Siring, it is a standing order to eliminate all 003 hideouts and infestation zones for if they are left to their whims, infest entire towns in a matter of months.

See [Data Expunged] and [Data Expunged], both covered up under the guise of nuclear testing.
>> SQP-004 A Noun You'll Miss
     File :-(, x)
Name: Mermaids
Classification: Civil, Hostile

Grossly misrepresented by modern literature and contemporary representation, they are perhaps one of the most mislabled creatures known to SQP. First known encounter was by Alexander the Great, proported to struck an alliance with them to win various naval battles against multiple opponents. Most historical logs show that 004 is very hostile to seafaring ships, often capsizing carriers and the ensuing lifeboats. 004's have been known to scaveange and horde artifacts from ships, often useless due to them being submerged in water. Many artifacts recovered recently have been dated to hundreds upon thousands of years old.

The cadavers of 004 exhibit an impressive property of becoming amphibious. Once setting upon dry land, their lower body metamorphises to bland with the upper portion, gaining human legs and genitalia. Being submerged in water will reverse that process.

Quarentine Procedures:
Up until the 1930's, there has been little success in dealing with 004's. Their ability to become amphibious has led to a great concern of espionage by 004's and an unknown party. However, the development of sonar technology has aided [Data Expunged] in dealing with any hostile 004's. Compressed Sonar Bursts from submarines have been known to irritate the eardrums of 004's, often to the point of driving them away from human establishments. 004's that have collaborated with [Data Expunged] have been given modified earplugs that filter out any sonar technology.

One must take special care however as the sonar bursts seem to irritate all nearby forms of sealife, often sending gigantic predators to destroy the source of the sonar bursts. To date, five submarines have fallen due to such cases.
>> Anonymous

>-Their design limits them from chasing their targets in places that contain obstacles such as stairs and ladders

False. Daleks have the ability to levitate, and vertical flight is easily achieved to eliminate these obstacles
>> SQP-006 A Noun You'll Miss
No SQP-005, accidentally deleted the file whilst cleaning up my desktop. It was about zombies if anyone wanted to know. It's also come to my attention that I need to shorten them for 4chan.

Name: **********
Classification: Docile

Once considered an urban legend, recent reports have seen 006 in action when civilians who doubt 006's existance will utter his name, only to be taken away by 006 mid-sentence. To date, over nine thousand individuals have gone missing due to calling 006's name. The fate of those missing is unknown.

Quarantine Procedures:
Only known method of stopping 006 is to never force an encounter with it. As such, simply not uttering its name is the only efficient method thus far.
>> SQP-007 A Noun You'll Miss

Name: **********

Classification: Hostile

Considered a relative of SQP-006, 007 acts in the same way. But instead of taking individuals away like SQP-006, 007 is notorious for stealing material possessions from people who utter his name. Most often, 007 will steal said possessions during mid sentence, much like 006.

Quarantine Procedures:
As it is a relative of SQP-006, the method of quarantine is similar, don't call out [Data Erased]. However, residents in low-income neighborhoods have been victim to 007. Whether it is simply burglary or 007's work is undetermined. What has been known is that any and all material possessions is not immune to 007's grasp.

That's it for now, expect more based on the meme's of present day 4ch someday. I'll leave it to someone else to make entries on the scary creatures.
>> A Noun You'll Miss
Note the asterisk after that line
>> Anonymous
then write SQP 005 again
>> SQP-005 A Noun You'll Miss
     File :-(, x)
Name: Zombies
Aliases: Ghouls, Undead,
Classification: Hostile

Hypothesized to have originated from a viral infection of unknown origin, 005's are created when the host has ceased respiratory functions which then irreversibly transforms the host into 005's. It should be noted that without firearms, it is extremely advised that avoiding 005's is the main priority
Physical Descriptions:
-Pale complexion
-Shambling motion due to rigor mortis
-A wailing moan used by a lone 005 to attract multiple 005's to converge on a single destination.
-Consumes human flesh despite multiple tests showing no nutritional benefit from consumption
-Transmits viral infection by bites which is 100% fatal
-Shows no memory of their former lives post-conversion

Quarentine Procedures:
It should be noted that the real power of 005 is appearing in mass numbers. Encountering a sole 005 can be easily destroyed, but multiple 005's can induce feelings of terror and anxiety, often ending up swelling the ranks of 005s. Anti-personnel weaponry such as rifles and pistols aimed at the head should be sufficient in dealing with small groups of 005's. Under no circumstances should they ever be engaged with melee weaponry as that often serves them as expendable status. Should entire cities be overrun with over 75% of 005 presence, use of tactical nukes is authorized with the intent of sealing off the infection. Any civilians surviving after such events are to be taken to [Data Expunged] to seal off any possible 005s. Should any possible 005s remain amongst those surviving, termination of said individuals is the only course of action.

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