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I rarely ask for much /x/ Anonymous
But I have one question... dis the guy with the awesome zombie story that used the subject "CSI: Raccoon City" or something to that effect... did he finish it?

I really wanted to finish reading it and my laptop went and was having issues when I went to use it the next day to see if it was done. If he did, and anyone saved it or anything, would they be willing to send me it or anything?

I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry for the request, really I am but I really wanted to finish reading that story... :\
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Check out works of Soapdish.
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Thank you so much!
You deserve cookies... yes, I know it's corny but I always say it.
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And that's why you should be shot.
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*shrug* I'm a corny girl, I don't really care what you think.
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there are no girls on the internet.