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any original creepypasta?

or at least some fairly new, unheard of stuff?
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does anyone have the creepypasta of the one artist, where you have to go into the bar and answer questions, stc to see a hidden gallery of his? i think it was Buchanan?
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"I had a dream that I saw what appeared to be a sheet of metal stuck to a tree.
I went closer and noticed that it had a pretty reflective surface, and in the reflection I could see a sad clown. He had something red that ran from his eyes and mouth and from under his scalp.

He smiled when I saw him and reached to me, putting his fingers against the metal, I still couldn't see him very well but I thought of touching him.
But then there was a flash before I did.

I saw that this was how he came in there, touching the metal and being pulled in there where it was like a very cramped, dark room. Just enough so you could sit up straight or crawl into a fetal position, and it was really a window from there that he saw through into the real world. And what wasn't seen at first was that around him there was razor wire, pitch-black razor wire that moved like the tentacles in a rape hentai.
They crawled around him and cut him up from side to side, everywhere they cut him over and over and his motion was actually very restricted by these, he cried and his whole face had been cut up and bleeding. But somehow from the mirror there always came make-up, making him look white though all of him was red and cut.

He had been there for a long time, forever plagued by hunger and dehydration and pain for so long that his bloody tears were so strong no amount of makeup could cover them up and the blood at his mouth COULD be covered up but it wasn't because his massive internal injuries caused him to vomit and caugh up more and more.

The flash ended and I withdrew myself. The look that came upon his face was devastating, it was a mixture of sorrow, hate, pain and suffering. His eyes almost looked like they were going to pop out of his head and the razors could be seen now, tightening around him and blood started to be visible through all the make-up.

And then he was gone. There was just a sheet of metal stuck to a tree."
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anon delivers, thanks
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When I am in my basement at my house I feel like a strange presence is watching me. I look to the same corner of the room every time because I feel like I am being watched from that point. Though I can never see anything there I can vividly see something in my mind's eye. It is always a strange human like creature. It is crouched over on all fours like an animal, it is very thin with pale skin a bald head and glowing white eyes. The strange thing is my friend also described a similar creature. He also expressed that he felt like he was being watched and could see it in his mind but could not physically see it. Anyone else experience this?
*Pic Related* This is kinda what it looks like, except without the wings.
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Some of them are really old, some are somewhat new>>999259.
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That's you inbred brother your parents hid from you.
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had promise, but it's still just another "To Do" list.

I would like to see that story written in a more creative manner.
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i lol'd