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Scaree Storees Anonymous
Sup /x/.

I loves me some creepypasta and short stories.

I know about, what are some other repositories or places for short horror fiction?

In return, terror.
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>> Anonymous
Where's a good site to find audio books or transcripts of Edgar Allen Poe's work? I do so love Mr. Poe's writing
>> Anonymous
Free Poe.
Free Lovecraft
SCP's Creepypasta Archive
Black Fedora and Josef K. archives.

I see what you did there.
>> Anonymous
Fuck Ya, thanx
>> Anonymous
I personally enjoy creepy pasta that reveals a certain location, as I like to go around alot.
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This sentence is baffling and useless without links.
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hey what are the names of the /x/ creepypasta writers? I've seen some namefag stories lately but I forget to read them before they 404
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