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Exodus Legion
So, how many oldfags (people who have visited this board for longer that a year) are left on /x/? I'm curious since so many people have been whining about the board lately.
>> Anonymous
P.S. kill all namefags, including Moot, Snacks, and Shii.
>> Anonymous
I've been on /x/ since it was created a little over 2 years ago.
>> Anonymous
I registered here last week when my friend told me to.
>> Legion
Do you think the board has changed all that much? I'm not an oldfag, so I really don't know.
>> Anonymous
Not really.

I guess there is a lot more pasta, but sometimes good stuff comes out of it.
>> dataDyne
I liek /x/

It gives the scary
>> Anonymous
I haven't noticed a lot of scary lately, mostly lulz.
>> Anonymous
i already go there
>> Anonymous
You, sir, are very correct. Remember how much fun we had recently with project905? That originated in /b/, yet as a board we came together and did our best to further the game along. I remember the same thing happening with Trinstod.

My beef with the state of /x/ is that ALL of /b/ seems to be coming here. I can't speak for the rest of the boards on 4chan, but I believe that /x/ started going downhill with the flood of newfags that arrived when 4chan was made "public," G4, etc. The old spirit of /x/ is obtainable, and I long for it as well.
>> Anonymous
I still think that /b/ is the best place to do a creepy thread.

An /x/ creepy thread will bounce from pae 1 to page 10 and back for two or three days then 404; which doesn't hold a candle to the 4-8 hour orgy of horror that is a /b/ creepy thread.

Plus, I still mantain that what makes a good ghost story is the audience.
>> Anonymous
They did an episode about 4chan. Sent a tidal surge of newfaggotry our way.
>> TripleBam !!7xnjmCKfC2z
I remember when the SCPs where just getting warmed up. Was that a year? Probably a little less. I call /x/ home on 4chan. Split pretty even between here and /b/.
>> Anonymous
I've been browsing 4chan since around 2004, after migrating from 5chan (which I discovered for the porn). I was a /b/tard from the start, back when I was 17 and the cockmongler was the height of humour. We were a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals pretending to be abject morons. Now, however, you've got a fuckton of morons pretending to be pseudo-intellectuals.

Nowadays I only browse /x/ and /f/, because none of the other boards ever contain anything of interest. And the trolls are really easy to reverse-troll, which is fun.
>> Anonymous
I remember when /x/ started.

It was good for a while.
>> Anonymous
I used to lurk/post on /x/ at least once a day... i couldn't get enough of it... then about 5 or 6 months ago (estimating) it just went to shit....

and no i'm not talking about all the /b/tards... i used to just deal with them by ignoring them...

it just seems that there are not anywhere near as many interesting threads on here anymore... too much copypasta, not enough OC...

also, way too many skeptics on a board for the paranormal lol... the ratio is all fucked up.

but lately, i've been coming back as it seems like a dose of chemo is being administered slowly but surely
>> G
I've been coming since the board opened. I mostly lurk though.

I've made two or three fairly successful posts though, so I've done better then 90% of the newfags at the very least.
>> Anonymous
I'm an oldfag that still checks in here once in a while to see if life has come back to the board yet. Usually the rabid skeptics kill the good threads before they can get anywhere and that's what has changed imo. I wish the skeptics would realize that we just want bri/x/. I don't give a flying fuck if ghosts really exist or not, hearing about someone's scary encounter with something they thought was a ghost is fun, so shut up about how stupid people are for believing it. You sound like a pissed off eight year old.
>> Ryukfag
I've been on for longer than a year...but just a bit idk if that counts me as not a newfag. I don't care what you call me, newfag, oldfag, tripfag. I just wish you fags would quit bitching about who's what and post some paranormal shit.

and quit fucking justifying sucky posts by defining the word paranormal. we know what it means.
>> Equinox !QCpzy23zLc
Been on here two years.
How is this paranormal? Or creepy?
>> Anonymous
One year 3 months.