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So /x/, what happened to the guy who like blanked out for a few days and didn't want to look in mirrors and all that? Never saw the conclusion or anything. pic related, it's the one he posted with.
>> Anonymous
he's dead. really dead.
>> Anonymous
>> Anonymous
Well, damn
>> Anonymous
i really hope not..
>> Anonymous
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The fuck? Who are you guy talking about?
>> /kit
Yeah, I remember... The guy watching Shin-Chan, answered the mysterious knocking and ended up blacking out? Maybe he answered another door?
>> Anonymous
yea i remember him i kept looking for the thread but think it was cleared out. haven't heard anything since
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
I'm right here actually

surprised to see someone cares
I was going to make a new thread just now, but the 'duplicate file' thing told me someone else had the picture up

so I came here, and I guess I'll give you my update.

I keep having blackouts. except it's more of me passing out, without the feeling of just fainting...

and when I have these 'blackouts', I wake up with the feeling that 'he' has been around

I still don't know what he wants, and all I can do is wait. he hasn't come back to me in a dream yet, and I'm trying really hard to contact him

And I did end up trying that meditation, but he would not answer me

I'm seriously considering a priest now...
>> SCP-013
Kill it with Holy fire?
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
I don't know. but I'm starting to think that he's not a demon

but I'm not sure
>> Anon
I care, keep posting. Tis interesting.

Go get some holy water put it in a bottle and if he tried anything funny when you contact him dump the holy water on him. lmao.

Not all at once i a handful.
>> SCP-013
I'm sorry, it's been a while since the thread was up. What was 'he' again? As in what did 'he' look like?
>> Anonymous
Maybe it's some sort of schizophrenia or multiple personalities.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
'he' is me
or something

Basically, I feel that he's inside me and is the one looking back at me when I look at a mirror
whether or not he's in the mirror like all that creepypasta states is a different story

but I saw him in a dream one time, once he was just smiling at me
and another time he was like, chasing me

not really running after, but I just didn't feel right confronting him, so I ran from him, but he was following me
>> SCP-013
Possible paranoia or schizophrenia. Read: POSSIBLE. Your life might actually be a creepypasta now, so we dunno.
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
I'll tell you guys if anything happens
I see my psych again on monday
>> Anonymous
"My life is a creepypasta" could be a slogan.
>> Anonymous
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>> SCP-013
Frikkin owned! That's awesome! We need that on T-shirts! Have over the right/left breast /x/, and on the back "My life is a creepypasta"
>> KaldrosTaviir !!rr8A0gmkprM
jesus fucking christ

he came out of nowhere

I drove my friend home
dropped him off
on my way back to my house, he suddenly appeared on the road with his back turned and quickly turned his head
and he was at direct eye level with me
and I went right through him

and I braked hard to see if there was anything behind me because I couldn't believe it for a second
but there was no one there

and yes, reading back on it it does look like some sort of shitty movie, but I swear, it just happened
>> Anonymous
Make some kind of chronologically ordered list of events that have happened to you and post it please.
>> Anonymous
Not an uncommon thing to happen.
So far, doesn't sound demonic. The nice thing about the Catholic church is that many of them understand there are supernatural beings that are neither angels nor demons. Not necessarily all of the clergy, but those who deal extensively with theology or actually have training in exorcism. So far, if I were to assume this is all a product of your own mind, I would assume schizophrenia, or a very intense form of DID. It's not unknown for seperate identities to be aware of each other. Usually, however, a secondary personality forms in response to some sort of trauma, and takes on a protector role.

However, so far, I personally think DID is not an accurate depiction of it, and I think my original classification as a fae-like entity is close. A lot of the stories of fae are very similar to stories involving UFOs and BFMs, which have been known to do weird things around vehicles.

Have you noticed any unusual electrical activity when he was around? Lights flickering, engines stopping, etc?