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New SCP Story Anonymous
I doubt this will get accepted as SCP-001, but I wanted to try my hand at it. Tell me what you all think.


SCP-001 is a set of 12 rusted keys and an old wooden barred door. The door itself was originally discovered in an abandoned factory in [EXPUNGED]. Door was originally found by a group of three teenagers trespassing on federal property on July 2nd, 1949. Teenagers had found a way into said room through a air conditioning vent. On the other side of the door they found a small airplane hangar. The room was empty except for the set of rusted keys (here after being referred to as SCP-001-2, and the door itself as SCP-001-2). The teenagers had tested SCP-001-2 on different doors in the facility finding that the keys oddly didn't work on any of the doors. Making a fatal curious mistake they tried it on the door they circumvented. About an hour later the teenagers called the authorities to report their friend had gone missing. The two remaining teenagers were apprehended and then terminated when the signifigance of the item was revealed.
>> Anonymous
Tests showed that all 12 keys fit into the single lock on the large barred door. Of the 12 test subjects each trying a different key to enter the room, only two survived. Opening the door with the wrong key and entering the room tore the test subjects apart in 10 different directions, however samples of the test subjects were not found until much later. To this day only 2 parts of each subject have been found in different locations on Earth. The others have for all intense and purpose vanished from exsistence. Of the two surviving test subjects that entered, only one of them came back unscathed. The other came back in a near catatonic state, able only to remove himself from the room and then collapse on the floor. The subject had to be restrained to keep him from gouging out his own eyes. The other subject however said he had come into a large room that was impossibly big for the size of the factory. After the surviving, unaffected test subject came out of the door, it was propped open and an armed squad of Level 4 personnel entered the room. The size of the room is impossible to measure and the door frame and the individuals in the room are the only part of the room that can be felt or illuminated.
>> Anonymous
This accidental discovery became a god send and allowed us to conduct our research away from the rest of civilization. As of August 12th, 1950 our base of operations has been moved to the inside of this room, and our labs and containment areas have been moved therein. Personnel leaving the facility however reported lost time. They swore that they had only been in the facility for a few days, but would report the time gone actually being a few weeks. After this was discovered, personnel were required to live permanently on site. Personnel trying to leave would be terminated or incarcerated depending on importance. Food and other necessities were delivered to an offsite facility and then delivered to the site by SCP personnel. So from our studies on the door and the set of keys so far it has been revealed that 10 of the keys open a door to a dimension(s) where beings of our composition meet physics their bodies weren't conditioned to survive. The test subjects were torn apart, with body parts deposited in various locations with only two verified points on our planet, the other 8 may or may not even be in our own universe. Tests continue to find ways of surviving the entry of the room, as well as the discovery that there are other doors that the keys open [See Document SCP-001-3 - SCP-001-5]. As for the ramblings of the subjects that came out insane, all they could say was something about "the stars are right", and about some sort of anthropormorphic squid with wings.
>> Anonymous
Proper procedure for handling of the keys is vital. The keys must never be removed from the site unless accompanied by level 4 personnel. Also the key must never be taken through the door. We can't be sure what might happen, and we can't afford to have the keys lost under any circumstances. Assuming any one of the SCP objects contained within ever managed to escape confinement or our facility is breached, along with the immolation and destruction of the whole facility the keys are also to be brought inside and the doors closed behind the guard with the keys. Guards who accidentally take the keys home are subject to immediate termination. Entire factory around door has been reopened as a facade to hide the entrance to the facility. All employees are SCP personnel and the factory manufactures video game consoles under the name of [EXPUNGED]. Their high failure rate by overheating is due to use of biproducts of SCP-003.
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Not worthy of the 001 title, but do some cleaning up, fix the typos and you have yourself an SCP. Change the number before somebody else assigns it another one.
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Thanks. I will work on it. I hammered this out in between classes today. About 30 minutes, so I missed a few typos and continuity errors.
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Not SCP-001..
might be too long?
i found it more of a short story than a SCP report.
Also, SCP have multiple storage/containment areas
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Remove all uncertainty from the text. This is a clinical report. Instead of saying "we can't be sure what might happen" try "it is not currently known what will happen".
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I made changes to the one I posted on the Wiki, so that it is simply one site (site 62).
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Wiki updated.
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It's way better now
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I thought the one rule of SCPs is no cross-referencing?
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I made a couple more. One is a joke, the other is a serious one that attempts to cross-over the holder series with SCP. Here is the joke one:


Description: A hard plastic white monolith with a circle separated into quadrants. SCP-360 was found in a burnt out apartment building and from our tests was the cause of the fire. Pressing the circle on the monolith causes the quadrants to light up green under ideal conditions.

Special Containment Protocol: The containment room must be kept at a constant 10 degrees Celsius with 6 box fans on high directed towards SCP-360. If at any time during research the bottom left most 3 quadrants start to blink red, the agents currently in the room must turn 360 degrees and then walk backwards slowly. Just walking away would cause a logic error on the scale of dividing by zero. Once out of the room have another agent wearing level 4 HAZMAT armor come in to package it up in a "coffin" box and send it off to [EXPUNGED] and then await a replacement in 1-2 weeks.
>> Anonymous
Here is the cross-over:

Item#: SCP-528

Description: A small vial of blood found in a mental hospital in [EXPUNGED] after uncovering information on it's whereabouts. The whereabouts were uncovered when agent uid 2416 was hunting down information leaked about SCP-173 on a website called Chances that such a horrible truth could actually exist we first sent out an undercover operative [AGENT ID EXPUNGED] to test the theory presented in user "anonymous's" post. The hospital personnel directed our operative to a flight of stairs after calling a number we have determined as [EXPUNGED] from the phone records obtained. As soon as the operative was in place a full scale infiltration was called in. Everyone in the Mental Hospital was terminated and the so called "Holder of Wrath" was shot between the eyes after securing SCP-528. After evacuation the hospital was burned to the ground and the media fed a story of an electrical fire. SCP-528 was then moved to Site 62 to avoid the objects ever coming together. Tests are still underway to understand exactly what happens when the objects are combined and if any of the other SCP objects in our possession are these objects. According to unofficial records there are 538 of these items, but with one in our possession the possibility of them coming together is less that 1%.
>> Anonymous
Special Containment Protocol: The blood after killing the "holder" started to fester and boil becoming warm. The vial was quickly cooled with liquid nitrogen and placed in cold storage on arrival at SCP Site 62. The vial must be kept at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. If the cold storage ever fails, the room will be flooded with Bakelite and then blasted with liquid nitrogen. In the event the back up fails, the whole facility must be tested to verify each agent can relate to a psychiatrist, details about his or her life. Even the smallest inconsistency will be dealt with by terminating said agent. The blood from those agents will then we collected in vials and put back in cold storage. This must be done as the blood will mutate and become a facsimile of the first person it encounters. The Agent's body when found should be immolated, as we don't currently know if the blood has the ability to reanimate the dead as the Holder has to reanimate himself in the image of he who he kills.
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I like 'em!
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Needs to be more clinical in writing and shorter, as two other anon's have stated.

But otherwise I thought it was pretty good.
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Hahaha, magical. Works on you well enough, perently.
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>Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be kept underground at all times.
>Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001
>Special Containment Procedures

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Here's something I wrote, feel free to assign a number.

Item#: SCP-xxx

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in a well padded room. A speaker, also protected by padding, is to remain in the room at all times, producing a loud, 5 second burst of white noise at 10 second intervals. No metal objects or hard surfaces of any kind are to be brought into the room. Any personnel exposed to the sound of the item are to be isolated, equipped with a cyanide capsule, and recorded with a video camera until the moment they expire.

Description: The item is a small metal pin, 3 cm in length. Reports state that the introduction of the object to any area results in a hum, increasing in volume, eventually drowning out all the ambient sound of the area. After that, the hum itself will fade out, resulting in absolute silence. Depending on the area, the entire process takes 5-30 seconds. If the object is removed from the area, ambient sound will resume within 60 seconds. The silence may also be broken by a loud burst of sound.
>> Anonymous
If the item is dropped against any hard surface in a state of absolute silence, the result is a high pitched metallic ping. Those who have heard the ping have reported that the sound has continued to resonate in their ears, slowly increasing in volume, initially causing increasingly severe discomfort, and eventually leading into excruciating pain and insanity. To date, all those who have been documented as having heard the ping have taken their own lives - some with particularly gruesome means.

As we now know from an accidental incident of exposure to a recording of the ping, hearing a recording of the sound in the absence of the object itself has no ill effects.

NOTE: One documented instance of the dropping of the pin took place on April 26, 1986, only 10 minutes before the steam explosion resulting in the meltdown at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is currently not known whether this is merely a coincidence, or whether these events are related.