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SCP-X (Full item cataloging and numbering TBD)

Classification: Euclid; Probable Keter

Special Containment Procedure:

SCP-X is to be kept fully submerged in holy water at all times. Best practices suggest container construction adhere to fifth circle Rosenberg specifications, with initial research team insisting that double the typical 3 inches of pure silver be used to form containers inner lining. Containment facility must make special considerations and arrangements in re: supply chain management; observations note disappearance of twenty to thirty cubic feet of holy water in contact with artifact per twenty-four period, even under hermetically sealed conditions. As SCP-X displays no attendant increase in mass, or indeed any other observable physical reaction, speculation is that phenomena is evidence of Euclid-class properties on part of artifact.

Until exact nature of SCP-X is determined, it is to be treated as a Keter class object. All Keter interaction regulations apply.
>> SCP-X Anonymous
Personnel may enter chamber in which SCP-X resides, but under no circumstances should submerge themselves in the container where artifact lies. Personnel who disregard this regulation should be treated as definite compromised agents, as well as potential hostile entities, and terminated immediately. If termination cannot be confirmed, initiate emergency protocols (detailed below.)

Personnel who enter chamber in which SCP-X resides should carry phosphor-based light sources. Light from other sources appears to be subject to myriad distortion effects in area around artifact, reducing efficiency and (speculation) possibly leading to secondary psychotic effects.

Personnel who enter chamber in which SCP-X resides should burn sprigs of sage at all times. If for any reason they are unable to continue to burn sage while in the chamber, they must exit the chamber within eleven minutes and six seconds. They must then remain in quarantine for at least 3 weeks; any signs of irregularity merit termination.

Personnel who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one should not enter chamber. Chamber should remain sealed during a solar eclipse.
>> SCP-X Anonymous
Emergency Protocols: SCP-X seems to stay in a state of partial dormancy so long as full submersion in holy water is maintained. Should submersion fail, or should SCP employees suspect any incidence of contamination, the following steps should be taken.

1.The chamber should be flooded with all on-hand stores of holy water.
2.All containment doors should be dropped and sealed.
3.Doors should be welded shut with an admixture of lead and silver.
4.Use of sealing signs. Though still not fully tested, we suggest the Tree of Life and Elder Signs. All personnel not interacting directly with the object should be capable of transcribing both of these signs under pressure. (See: suggested training schedule B [Addendum 1.2])
5.Facility and surrounding area should be vacated. Best practices suggest ecological or radiological 'disaster', (Precedent: site at [EXPUNGED]; foreign site at [EXPUNGED]) making site inaccessible and inhospitable for non-SCP investigation in the area.
>> SCP-X Anonymous

SCP-X is a statue that appears to depict a man with an elongated head. The man has no visible facial features aside from deeply carved eyes. Figure appears to be clothed in an odd robe-like garment.

Composition of SCP-X is unknown. Though the statue appears to be made of stone, research team was unable to physically damage the object in any way. Research team observed no marks indicating carving or sculpting; method used to construct object is unknown. No indications of erosion found, suggesting that the featureless look of SCP-X was intentional.

SCP-X was discovered deep below a monastery in Eastern Europe, near the town of [EXPUNGED]. The monastery had apparently been abandoned for at least 50 years; records indicate monks resisted Soviet orders to vacate, and were purged per Stalin's orders. Area remained remote and isolated until recently, when developers began construction of [EXPUNGED].

Shortly after the area became populated, SCP agents became alerted to unusual activity via [EXPUNGED]. An investigative team was dispatched; a summary of their findings follows.
>> SCP-X Anonymous
Of a population numbering in the tens of thousands, not a living individual was found. The city showed evidence of extreme and all-encompassing violence. In some places “the blood had formed pools several inches deep.” (Pg. 24, sec 4)

Human corpses were found throughout the city. Forensic examination revealed a variety of self-inflicted lacerations, commonly including “claw marks from fingernails up to 2 or 3 inches deep in the soft tissues of the body, including the abdomen and face.” (Pg. 30, sec 2). Many bodies exhibited inexplicable lesions on the back of hands or in the center of the forehead. Cause of death varied. Extreme trauma was commonly found to have been inflicted on the bodies, some of it clearly self-inflicted. A number of the bodies showed signs of having been victims of or participated in cannibalism; a few showed signs of both. A majority of the bodies showed signs indicating extreme sexual assault- again, in some cases, clearly self-inflicted. The city had apparently “erupted in a literal orgy of violence that none had escaped.” (Pg. 50, sec 7).
>> SCP-X Anonymous
The concentration of bodies seemed heaviest around the old monastery. This was a notable statistical aberration, due to the location of the monastery on the outskirts of town. Investigation of the monastery complex revealed standard architectural features on top of notable aberrations. The catacomb area of the monastery exhibited architectural traits common to pre-Christian construction. Catacomb tunnels lead to what appears to have been a vast underground aquifer. Artifact found in a corner, the water level barely topping its feet.

It is known that SCP-X can manipulate lights and emotional responses. It is suspected that SCP-X can communicate through telepathy or telempathy.

The first SCP team to make contact with SCP-X was lost entirely. The second SCP team succeeded only by using [EXPUNGED] and [EXPUNGED], which were significantly damaged during the course of the mission.
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Cannibalism and orgies of violence? Awesome.
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awesome is the right word. MOAR! is fine too.
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This is actually good. Good job OP.
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it's great, but you should have left out that part with the city and the massacre. it's cooler if the purpose of the thing isn't clarified (there could always be things worse than death and murder...)
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but imagine - you know that statue makes people go insane, for what purpose? apparently none. sounds cool.
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the picture is incredibly fitting.
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This is made of win.
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Tried to hint at this in the way things were laid out- but murder -isn't- the purpose of the object- the statue was still slightly submerged when it was found. Who knows what would happen if it were ever fully unleashed...?


Glad to hear it, the picture inspired the story.