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So your favourite director is going to make a horror movie. You are totally convinced it's going to be fantastic and brix-worthy, but he's not sure what to make the movie ABOUT.

/x/: what is the most brix shitting thing you can imagine a movie being made about, that would fully capture it's potential?

I'd love a Docu-drama about the Conet Project. That'd fuck some people up, irdials and number stations as well as some nice HAARP and ionosphere stuff thrown in would make me shake a bit.
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bump damn it.
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Does anyone have the link to the game in OP's pic? It's better than a .gif
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Lovecraft. "The Color Out of Space" or "The Whisperer in the Dark", if you want to avoid the obvious...
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Fuck you OP.

Numbers stations scare the fuck out of me.
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That game made me shit my pants.
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A movie about Polybius, the arcade game urban legend.
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Richard Sharpe Shaver anyone?
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first really good cthulhu ive seen in a while
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Something bri/x/worthy? Maybe a transition of House of Leaves from book to screen? I know part of what made the book so wierd was the layout, something not able to go to screen, but could still be pretty good.