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Item#: SCP-017

Special containment procedures: Item SCP-017 is contained in a fully and heavily lit room measuring 30' on all sides. The floor and walls of the room are semi-transparent and also lit from behind, as to render it nearly impossible for any object to cast a shadow when within the room. SCP-017 often remains motionless in the far corner of the room, sitting on the floor, with its hands raised over its head in an apparent attempt to shield itself from the lights. 017 makes few other movements while the room is monitored or occupied. Personnel entering the room are required to walk under extreme caution and only on designated "safe" squares when within the room, so as to minimize any possible cast shadows to a 20% or lower gradient. Any shadow heavier than specified previously will result in SCP-017's immediate response to the shadow. Personnel entering the room are required to be wearing the designated reflective bodysuits in addition to shaving any visible hair and leaving any equipment not required outside of the room.
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Description: SCP-017 appears as a vaguely humanoid figure, approximately 2' 6" in height (76 cm), and bearing a anatomical resemblance somewhat to that of a small child. 017 is completely pitch black over the course of its "body" with no discernible facial features, ears, eyes, genitals, or other identifying marks or characteristics. The entirety of 017's "body" is shrouded additionally in a shifting and smoke-like form of shadow, wavering over his body in the same way that an object at long distances in a desert is obscurred by refraction. SCP-017's reaction to shadows within the confines of the room (which remain the known limits to his senses) is immediate and swift. 017 leaps at the object and only requires the slightest and briefest contact in order to effect it. The object touched is quickly enveloped in a shadowy substance identical to the substance surrounding (compromising?) 017's body and dissolves instantaneously into nothingness. No trace of the object remains after dissolution and 017 returns to its preferred spot in the corner of the room after any objects casting shadows have been destroyed.

Additional notes: Personnel with BETA clearance or higher should see also document #017-1.
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