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Alright. It's time for me to branch out. i've done about fifteen SCP stories, and i'm worried that the sudden flood will kill the whole idea, so i'm trying other things.

For me, good creeypasta can horrify you in the space of a few sentences. This is not always a easy thing to do, but i'm going to give it a try.

If anyone has really good examples of creepypasta at it's best, please post, along with any tips or such. Much appreciated, i hope i can come up with stuff that doesn't suck.
>> Jeb
make them think that maybe the mundane hides something horrifying.
>> Anonymous
lemme look through my .rtf
>> Anonymous
I agree
>> Anonymous

Everyone has a ceramic egg that is right for them.
It's hard to explain what's 'right' about the eggs, but you'll understand what I mean when you find it.


The next time you make a purchase, hand the clerk a $1 bill and ask her to make change. She will hand you back a number of coins, several of which bear the likenesses of long dead historical figures.


If you put a microwave inside a bigger microwave and turn them both on, your right hand becomes visibly larger for 50 seconds.


Somewhere in Ohio, there's a soda-vending machine that instead of selling root-beer, inside the can you'll find the cool, carbonated blood of people who go missing on roads in the middle of the night. It does not take paper money, despite having the apparatus necessary.


There's a 46 year old actress in the porn industry that sold her soul to preserve her 12 year old body in order to continue her career at child pornography.


Are just a few I have.
>> Anonymous
Oh, and this one is kinda interesting, but it works better on 7chan where there are spoilers.


In my house, there is a wooden door. Behind this door is a bathroom, which contains a toilet. This is where I shit.
>> Cog
ok, some of those are pretty, how may lines, just a single sentence, or are more allowed? I know some are long as hell, but short and sweet seems better...
>> Anonymous
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...Who's that black man?
>> Cog
there is a diner in southern Mexico that has a very old crane game by the front door. If you insert a quarter at 10:36 p.m., one of the toys will stand up and walk under the crane, holding it's arms out. the crane will pierce into the toy, causing blood to spray as it emits a tiny scream. Its limp body will twitch slightly as it is hauled to the prize bin. the toy will be completely undamaged when you get it from the bin, and nobody nearby will notice anything odd.

I know, probably a load of fail, but let me know how to do it better, please!
>> Anonymous
The last person on earth was sitting in a room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
>> Anonymous
The man opened the door and saw an African-American man, of average height, garb and demeanor.

The guest's eyes widen and his mouth opens wider than a human mouth should ever be able to.
>> Anonymous
>> Anonymous
On November 20th, 1968, the NYPD responded to a home invasion in an apartment on Augusta Ave. When they arrived, they found all doors in the apartment open except for the bathroom door The sturdy door had been locked from the inside and a number of unusual scratches were found around the handle. It took six officers to pry the door open. Inside, they found a woman with a single gunshot wound to her temple laying dead in the bathroom. The window was locked closed and had half inch steel bars on the outside. Next to the woman lay a .38 caliber revolver with one round fired. Police recovered a set of fingerprints from the gun.

The prints did not match those of the dead woman.