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I saw a copy pasta on /b/ today about some mythical objects that have random powers... I was wondering if any of you had it.

some things I remember are:

A plain looking knife that can cut anything

a coin that allows you to speak / read any language

I small mirror that creates a doppleganger of yourself.

a notebook that allows the holder to remember anything that is written down in the notebook.

a cup that stays full of whatever liquid you put in it, and replaces that liquid with any other liquid that you put in it.

there was something about a tumbtack and a deck of cards too...
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copypasta youre talking about is the holders series
they suck
good day
>> Anonymous

anon delivers... if you really think its worth your time
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I read to 18 and got SO bored.. creepy is not the word you use to describe these.
>> Anonymous
The SCP series is so much fucking better than the holder series. Basically ALL the holder series is like 'lawl death no matter what you do' and SCP has things like Josie and Carl.
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>a notebook that allows the holder to remember anything that is written down in the notebook

You mean reading?
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This reminds me of that 3 part series about the hotel room, can't remember what it was called.
Some guy's daughter was trapped in some other dimension in this room and he had to find all the superpower objects and put them back in their place...

Anyway, it was actually really good.
>> Anonymous

The Hidden Room (or Secret... think it's Hidden though). The movie was pretty good...
>> Anonymous
The Lost Room.

And I was about to ask for a list of that THOSE "Objects" did