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Can I get a link to creepy pasta like this please?

Item#: SCP-627

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-627 is to be kept in a soundproof locked container at all times. Personnel interacting with SCP-627 must be equipped with headgear that blocks all outside noise. At no time should the headgear be removed in the presence of SCP-627. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination. Personnel are advised to approach SCP-627 in groups no smaller than three persons.

Description:Recovered from Site 3-A in late 2007. Item SCP-627 is believed to be part of a "training course" for employees of Site 3-A. It is a metallic cube-like object approximately 1.5 cubic meters in volume.

Subjects approaching SCP-627 report that it appears to be sentient and capable of speech. Many find it nearly impossible to separate themselves from it and must be forcibly removed from the area. Some subjects are able to recover from this; many are drawn into a sort of depression, as though they have lost a beloved companion.

It is interesting to note that physical examinations of the object reveal no obvious method of auditory output, and that sound-dampening equipment has proven effective against the hallucinations brought on by exposure to SCP-627.
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Not /r/ etc, but what's the deal with them anyway? Above site does have some "how-to's", but the SCPs themselves seem to have rather more plot in them than suggested. Any infp?
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It's like the Holders series, but instead of teaching you how to find some freaky shit, it details people that have already found freaky shit.
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3/4 of them are extremely shitty. Besides numerous spelling and grammatical errors, they are usually just written shoddily. The original had an accompanying image that was innocuous by itself but, through subtle suggestion, became very creepy. About three out of the 800 anon wrote accomplished the same thing.

tl;dr: meme's dead, don't bring back the shit.
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sounds like the frikkin compagnon cube from portal
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It IS the companion cube. It's a "joke SCP"