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SCP-119 (Hunger) Anonymous
Hail, /x/. I'm trying my hand at this. Criticism, hate, or just advice for formatting content is welcomed.

Item #: SCP-119

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-119 is to be contained in a ten metre by ten metre cube, sheathed in at least one metre of lead at all times. The object itself is to rest on the lead plinth in the exact centre of the room, to maximize equidistance from outside objects.

The object is not allowed to be approached by any personnel under any circumstances. The object is extremely manipulative to the point of inducing extreme compulsions in its victims. No contact permitted, pending destruction.

Description: SCP-119 is a human jawbone with residual upper maxilla, producing an appearance similar to a set of dentures. When a human approaches the object, a chorus of voices will spring up, seemingly surrounding the approachee. The voice is a disturbing mix of male and female voices, causing an androgynous voice to project, however, it is only audible to the person SCP-119 is addressing.

SCP-119 seems to be roughly childlike in demeanor and intelligence.

All data about conversation is derived from Dr. ?????? recorded attempt at an interview, and confirmed by accident ??????.
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>> Anonymous
Addendum: Dr. ?????'s interview with SCP-119 is recorded in document #532-1

Addendum two: Accident report in document #532-2

Document #532-1:
Interview with SCP-119 Conducted by Dr. ??????

Dr. ??????: Hello.

SCP-119: Why don't you feed?

Dr. ??????: You can't eat. How could you?

SCP-119 But am always hungry.

Dr. ??????: What would you like, then?

SCP-119: You.

Dr. ??????: Ah, that can't happen. Something else?

SCP-119 Hungry you. You.

Dr. ??????: Not quite


SCP-119 became frantic at this point, and began screaming. Dr. ?????? was removed from the containment room after biting several pieces of flesh from his arms and legs. He currently remains in a vegetative state, and all access to SCP-119 was forbidden.

Document #532-2:
SCP attendant had attempted to 'feed' SCP-119 with a large raw steak. When placed near SCP-119, it promptly flew into a rage that it was not 'right' and was not the right type. The attendant then began smashing his face on the corners of the lead plinth, causing irreversible brain damage by the time the retrieval team had evacuated him.
>> Anonymous
Eh, it's not bad. They're all like this though.
>> Anonymous
It's a bit hard, cause you have to work within certain constraints, seeing as it's a series thing. I wanted it to be a bit different, by virtue of being pretty creepy. Body horror, and loss of control are two of my favorite horror concepts.

But thanks for reading, in any case.
>> Anonymous
A bit too dramatic for an SCP entry, but it's not bad. I'd give it a 6/10.
>> LDB !!BKKzzh+r2JE
People are beginning to abuse the ? block now... I just started seeing this around in /x/ about a week ago and now I see it nearly every day.
>> Anonymous
Sorry, I come off writing a bunch of the Holders, which are supposed to be a bit over the top. Suggestions on how I could tone it down a bit?
>> Anonymous
We-ell, mostly regarding the doctor's 'interview' with 119, you're going to have to state the means from which 119's responses were documented. Did the doctor narrate it? Was it recorded? Also state the point of the experiment, like trying to see what happens when it is fed, or trying to make it vegan, or whatever. The conversation itself was okay (supposed to be over the top in any case).
>> Benji Kun
It is definatly shitworthy but the interview was a bit over the top and went too quick
>> Anonymous
ZombiexPanda, is that you?
>> Anonymous
I dunno, after reading a couple hundred of these they all seem too similar. You really need to have something to make this stand out beyond the standard "mysterious, vaguely archaeological object has creepy powers and mindrapes anybody who comes near."

Also, why does the object need some much shielding? It sounds like it's proximity that matters, not accessibility.
>> Anonymous
I liked it, but yeah, the interview was a bit off.

On a side not, is there some kind of site with all of these type of things collected?
>> Cog
Just a small tip: it being insanely evil and creepy is fine, but remember it could also be just very strange. I mean, radar was very top secret at one point just because they didn't want it to get out. The SCP don't have to be horrific. that being said, this one is pretty damn good, have you been to the wiki?
>> Cog
>> Anonymous
Alright, does anybody know where I can submit an entry for SCP-001 to be graded, and see if it's worthy of being the SCP-001?

I wrote one up a while back, but I don't know where to send it or put it.