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Item #: SCP-098

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment at storage Site-91 is truly for the good of the human race and should not be deviated from in any way. The cave must be observed at all times by at least two level-3 personnel with absolute faith in their religion of choice, to be determined by intense examination by leader of said religion. In the case of atheist personnel, subject must be subject to polygraph test and be proven to have a scoffing disbelief of all manners and aspects of religion. Personnel guarding the cave must be accompanied by a Cardinal of Catholic belief in order to prevent escape of beings contained within ???? located inside said cave. Cave is to be sealed with double layer iron doors insulated with Holy water blessed only by ??? ???? Himself. Doors are only to be opened and entered by Level-4 clearance personnel, however retrieval in the case of a mishap is impossible due to circumstances surrounding the cave.

Monitoring of inside of cave has proved fruitless, an exploratory probe was released into the cave, however it was discovered that at about a depth of 25 feet within the cave, all electronic equipment is rendered null and useless, the only observation being made by Level-4 personnel returning from journeys within the cave.

Any unauthorized personnel attempting to enter SCP-098 or entities exiting SCP-098 without authorization code Delta-?????-Gamma are to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
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12/25/19??- An armed troop of level 3 personell indoctrinated in the catholic belief descended into the cave, describing it(as video equipment was rendered null) as having many layers of different kinds of minerals, ranging from regular dirt, to calcite, crystals, gold, and finally a dark red soil which tests later confirmed was soaked with blood. About halfway through the cave an etching was found in the wall, written in what is believed to be mid-renaissance italian, leading researchers to beleive this was the cave that Virgil led Dante through on their journey to hell.(See Appendix A: Inscription within the cave) Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, the team described a giant chamber, of which the ceiling was not visible. The team then reported hearing the "most wretched cries imaginable" as the souls of tormented screamed in sorrow and agony on the floor of the chamber. A winged beast appeared to the team, with the body of a giant eagle, a lions claws, and the "most hideous human face imaginable," upon which approximatly thirty rounds each from the squads rifles was ineffective. The beast attempted to strike a squad member however a light burst from his chest and the monster seemed to desintegrate with a noise like "nails on a chalkboard." It was revealed that the member was wearing a scapular, which seemed to produce the beam that slew the monster. At this point the team attemped to flee the chamber but were unable to find the entrance. They were only recovered after their eight hour limit when the overseeing squad reeled in the eighty mile long tether connected to each operative.

1/16/19??- The tunnel to hell has been sealed and all future exploration is denied.
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Appendix A, cave inscription, approximatly 300 meters deep in the cave- (loosly translated to modern english) Abandon all hope he who enters here. I, hereby leaving my mortal life, possibly for all eternity into the realm where there is no salvation, I leave my warning to all humankind, bidding them to live good and well and that they may find the love of God and not be bound to eternal torment. Live freely and prosperously, but love Him who gives thee life and live with him forever in salvation.
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I just wrote this.
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Okay the 1st thing that happened was that I thought i heard something with the recorder, I backtracked over the ???? and after a few mins said fuck it lets go, he recorded both the time and the reason... Then as we listened to it, we got to were i heard something, we hear me say something like "i think i heard something..." then it cuts out and cant hear a thing, not the birds that never shut up, not even the FUCKING STATIC! After that my freind wants to get away from ????? so we leave. Later we listen to the rest and come to where we ended i'm about to hit stop when...
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... I feel a sudden urge to stroke my friend's ????. He looks at me shocked, but then soon he gives in... We make out passionately and then proceed to give each other the best ??? ever...
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