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Edward !F8wHraWURw
I introduced a friend to The Holders.
He tells me he had trouble sleeping after reading them all.

Am I a bad person, /x/?
>> Anonymous
If you didn't at least recognize the Nurse, what the fuck are you doing in /x/
>> Anonymous
Thats a 'nurse' from silent Hill.
>> Anonymous
Holders are formulaic shit.

Go to place.
Ask to see Holder.
Make way through deadly dungeon.
Defeat or subvert powerful being at the end.
Item GET.
Escape via some form of teleportation.

...oh, wait. That's 90% of the Zelda series.
>> Anonymous
ITT: newfags getting scolded by oldfags.
>> Anonymous
Oh my god.
/x/ really IS /b/ with ghosts.
>> Anonymous
Most SCP are very poorly written. There should be no emotion in them.
>> Anonymous
Holders are repetitive, especially at their beginnings and their instructive narration is annoying. is a bad example.
>> Anonymous
>> Emo Fag
OP is a troll.

Inb4 slowpoke.jpg
>> Anonymous
Jesus Christ. It's awful. How many times can he write "do this really bad thing because even though it's really bad it's not as bad as what they will do to you."

The comments from his friends. My goodness.

"JOSH. That was fucking mental.

If you'd ever gone to public school, they'd like. arrest you for writing that and get you like ten million psychiatrists and stuff. XD;"

"Did you really do this!?
it's very deep."
>> Anonymous

Man, fuck this shit. I wrote 'The Holder of Companions' ages ago, and they replaced it with some faggotry about a traveling salesmen and spiders.

Mine alluded to the seeker having to either kill a newborn child or to touch a grotesque monstrosity of a distended drowned fetus soaked in blood without looking into the carriage to retrieve the item. This, in turn, set off the birth of the Seeker's Companion, a creature that varies with the seeker and who's only purpose is to hunt the seeker and retrieve the items, giving them back to their Holders.
>> Anonymiss !Mz5BWSb0I.
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