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This large deep sea snail's body resembles the feet of the Chupacabra, hence it has this name. It was discovered early this year 2007. Comprehensive science paper was produced by Dr. Takeshi Yamada.
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"Item #: SCP-075

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-075 is to remain contained in a small, dry and cold area. The humidity may not exceed 1%. Calcium chloride must be available at all times in order to maintain this level. If this level of humidity is exceeded, evacuate all the personnel and shut the site down until it decreases back to its acceptable level.
Hermetic suits must be worn when tests are run on SCP-075. Injection tests, as well as every test which involves a liquid solution are strictly forbidden. If such a solution comes in contact with SCP-075, immediately shut down the area and sterilize it with either fire or cold until every liquid is in solid or vaporous state.
Personnel in said area are not allowed to be evacuated. The sterilization must not be delayed."
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Description: SCP-075 has the shape of a snail, except the muscular 'foot' resembles a six-fingered hand. It is 20 cm in length, 13 in width, and has a mass of ~860 kg. This exceptional density is yet to be understood.
In its acceptable state, SCP-075 is almost completely dry. Desiccation is the only known means of paralysis.
When not desiccated, SCP-075 moves at an alarming speed for its size. It adopts the behavior of a predator, jumping at and drenching its prey in an acidic solution seemingly secreted from pores on the muscular 'foot'. No currently available acid can match the power of SCP-075's secretions. Given SCP-075's threatening level when not disabled, this acid may not be harvested. Therefore, no material resisting to its corrosive power has been found yet.

Addendum [SCP-075f]: All tests meant to harvest SCP-075's acid must be approved and supervised by all Level-4 personnel of the site. However, approval of said personnel can not override the interdiction to introduce any liquid solution near SCP-075, including its acid.

Addendum [SCP-075g]: A cup of acid from SCP-075 was successfully harvested by using SCP-294. Testing is underway to determine what, if any, known substance is immune to the acid. Testing is also underway to determine why the cup provided by SCP-294 is inherently immune to the acid's effects.
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Original link says hoax contest.

Not that you need it to tell that's fake.
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