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Does /x/ have any ideas? Anonymous
Hey, /x/,

This is my first time here, but I could use a little help.

I'm in the process of writing and directing an independant film about the "Holders" series. I have a producer who is interested in the project, but needs a finished screenplay before he makes up his mind to fund my idea. So, does /x/ have any ideas, suggestions, favorite Holder that they'd like to see in the movie? I'd like to make sure that I add one section to the film that is a bit of a "crowd pleaser", to make it a bit more fun to watch.

tl;dr: I'm making a movie about "The Holders", what should be in it?

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I'd ask about copyright issues with a lawyer. I don't know if "written by annons on the internet" counts fair use or whatever.
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What are you thinking for when they come together?
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Stop the movie right before so we never find out. It'd both piss people off and be argued as "artsy."
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I dont reccommend using all the objects

i think choose the best ones (and ones that sound the most awesoem)

liek use ten or so...and when they come together...they summon cthulhu
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OP: I've way ahead of you; anonymous posts are in the creative commons. I'm safe.
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Use the earlier ones. It's agreed upon that the holders' quality was a downward trend.
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personally that's way overused....
think back to 'the birds'

this is proof that the only buttons 4chan users use is ctl + v

if you want to go all artsy, have like.. a hidden plot within the movie or have random flashes of variousl clues leading up to the conclusion.

or you could just be gay and do a single normal plot.
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make sure he dies and the journal falls death noteru style for some other schmuck to find if you do a journal thing
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I'd say get numerous people. It'd be hard to do just one guy going after them all, there'd be no way to show what happens which is one of the biggest draws of the Holders.

But not too many, you don't want to go Jason on their asses. I'd say about 4 people. Make it like One gets it, failure, failure, failure, get, get, failure, end.
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Have the main character fail during retrieval and die/go mad after getting 2 or 3 objects.
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yeah, or one of those consequences like "if the singing doesnt stop run away as fast as you can" or "the screaming will haunt you for the rest of your life" it'd be interesting to see someone get caught in that..
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Also, I think there already was a TV series on it, "The Room" or "The Door" or some shit? It failed hard.
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whatever you do it CANNOT have a happy ending.

Also, I've studied film, I'd be interested in helping if you want help
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First of all, do NOT make this a feature length movie. Short film at most. The holders are short, they're not novels. And don't do more than one, that's dumb:
>Cool! Got an object! Now let's go through this shit again again derp di derp di derp!
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The Lost Room, which likely wasn't based on the Holders.

If anything you could say that the SCP creepypastas are a ripoff of The Lost Room.
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Ooooh, this looks like something new! About time, I was getting sick of creepypasta and 2012 theories.

I'm not too knowledgeable about the holders, (Except that I tried one of them and it turned out to be BS), but I'd sure as hell like to see the movie once it's out. I assume it'll be psychological thriller or horror?
>> Anon-a-mouse
Only do the good stuff.
>> Anonymous

Completing the Holder story IN ANY WAY will be as anticlimatic as watching a dog cum.
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Anyone remember the creepypasta of an inderpendent person doing a doco on The Holder series? Yeah good luck lol
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Dear /x/,

I am fifteen. My friend says he'll give me his video camera to film an award winning horror film. I haven't done any work at all but I really want to make this movie, you guys, like really. Please give me cool ideas.