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Lets have a SCP thread. I know, their pretty old, but I'm starting to get back into it. Especially the Keter classes.

ITT: Discussion about your favorite and or other Keter class SCPs
>> Anonymous
I have a question how does SCP-079 know who SCP-076-02 is?
>> Anonymous

>> Anonymous

>I know their pretty old
>their pretty old
>pretty old

>> Anonymous

As in the SCP stores have been around for a long time?


My bad.
>> Luz-chan !!Oo43raDvH61

>As in the SCP stores have been around for
>in the SCP stores have been around
>the SCP stores have been
>SCP stores have

HOLY SHIT, you can BUY SCP's somewhere!??!? I want in on this...
>> Kain
Do you mean how 73 knows who 76-2 is?
>> Anonymous
Sane Clown Posse??
>> Anonymous
Special Containment Procedures

or Super Child Pornography?
>> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc
Keter classes are retarded. They're all OK IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY LOOK AT IT/TALK TO IT/DON'T LOOK AT IT/LET IT OUT THE WORLD ENDS OMFG IT'S MAGIC AND ANCIENT AND WITCHES AND oh hold on i'm late for my wicca meeting, we're all speaking japanese today, isn't that bishi? :3

Safe is where the awesome is at, the every liquid dispenser particularly; whoever created that one is a god.
>> Anonymous
Well, a lot of the Keter classes are a OTT, but there's a good couple that are pretty cool. Like 861, the Fallen Angel.
>> Anonymous

some keters are ok

case in point:
>> Anonymous
what about the original one? that one was awesome
>> Cr9 !PLAN9M8Wsc
The only good Keter SCP in my eyes is 076, who has a good story. He's a Sumerian heroic warrior, a demigod of sorts, but after killing the SCP personnel a thousand times he gets bored and works with them. He has a personality, a code of morals, he's fleshed out. There are multiple tie-ins and a lot to think about with him.
The thing is most Keters are dumb and work on a gimmick -- mostly DON'T EXPOSE TO LIGHTS/MIRRORS/DARK/OTHER PEOPLE/THE OUTSIDE WORLD/etcetc OR ELSE WE ALL DIE. What the fuck, people, you failed Creative Writing for a reason, don't write SCPs.
>> Kain
Heh heh heh. I'm the one who wrote that. Thanks, it nice to know it's appreciated.
>> Anonymous

I don't think that be quite the same as the Insane Clown Posse, probably would have more tame lyrics and stuff.
>> Anonymous
seriously? that was the worst fucking SCP on that whole entire site