File :-(, x, )
I remember reading these official sounding posts a while back about test reports on unknown specimins, something along the lines of:

Specimin 23FD
Exercise extreme caution
Subject responded heavily to blah blah blah...

can you help me out /x/?
>> Femanon

I was just trying the make the young newfag shit bricks so hard that his intestines fall out.
Pretty good for something I wrote off the top of my head though, /b/ could learn a thing or two.
>> Anonymous
I was actually somewhat praising you in my own dumb way. That was somewhat interesting, however, if the kid actually believed it there's something wrong with him.
I give you a 8/10. :3
>> Anonymous
Cold Fear
SCP Files
>> Anonymous
I lol'd at SCP Num 555
>> Anonymous
AKA Shit Fear