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Wrting an SCP Dr. Machinethreat
hey /x/
Im writing a SCP
I need some random things that i can pull out of a pocket that would normally belong there.

>> Anonymous
coins, nothing, the one ring, pencils, cell phone.
>> Anonymous
my penis
>> Anonymous
>> Dr. Machinethreat
~_~ did i post on /b/ by accident?
>> loves2spooge
chap stick...
>> Dr. Machinethreat
Document SCP-619-A: Memorandom from General XXXXXXXXXXX, Doug, I have
here another report from one of the service technitions who found another 2010
quarter in the change compartment of the venting machines on level 4. This is the
3rd incident reguarding missuse of a SCP object and i expect you to discipline anyone
in that sector who has access to SCP-619. If there is another incident of this nature
I will be forced to take steps to ensure that it doesnt happen again.

Incident Report 619-A
Due to seemingly predicable behavior of SCP-619 it was not placed on any sort of surveillance routine. However, on 2:27 PM xx/xx/2006, Processing Facilitator Ms. XXXXX XXXXXXXX was proceeding though corridor aF at PF-21 and reported seeing storage locker 15-a-2 had “grown a large [DATA EXPUNGED] and was trying to reach the ceiling”. She reported this behavior immediately and security teams were dispatched.
Security Teams arrived to find that indeed there was a long cylindrical protrusion coming from locker 15-a-2 and that it had the same color as the locker. The “appendage” did not appear to be moving other than to slightly undulate. Approximately two minutes into observation by security, one member used his issued radio to report the situation. This action caused the “appendage” to shrink in length by one third and wave violently in opposite direction of the radio in use. This method was used to open the locker and retrieve SCP-619 as to not damage the ceiling. Onsite researchers Dr. Barbara XXXXXXXXX and Dr. Jonathon XXXXXXXXXX suggested that SCP-619 may be “leaking” and that it should be returned to Site 19 for proper storage and review. Removal of SCP-619 from the locker caused to door to return to its normal shape.
>> Dr. Machinethreat
Transit report from PF-21 to Site 19:
Radio frequency emitters have been deployed around SCP-619 in order to minimize the items newly acquired spacial warping behavior. SCP-619 delivered without incident.

Log of Resumed Research on SCP-619:
Approved by 05-?
Dr. David VanScoy formally in charge of research, Dr. ???????? ?????????? assisting.
Test battery A: Spacial warping behavior. xx/xx/2006
SCP-619 was placed in dimensional testing lab 582 on and examination table with the front of the jeans face up. Several panels of various compositions and thickness we moved into, and out of, position over SCP-619. Each panel behaved in the same manor reguardless of it’s make or thickness.
Biological testing on this behavior will be disallowed, there is no forseeable benefit from its testing at this time.
As a final part of this test battery a camera was moved into, and out of, position over SCP-619. Video output displayed the image stretching vertically and then returned to normal once removed. Some forms of electromagnetic radiation seem to have a pull or push on spacial bend dependant on the amplitude or frequency of the signal.
>> TheDude

also maybe a ring made from unidentified metal,
or a necklace that changes to the wearers name whenever someone different puts it on
>> Dr. Machinethreat
End of Test Battery A
Test Battery B: Pre-existing behavior confirmation xx/xx/2006
Due to the newly formed spacial bending properties a number of class D personel have been assigned to the task of attempting to retrieve the re-propigating currency that forms in SCP-619. Number of retrievals planned one hundred (100).
After fifty (50) successfully attempts class D personel were dismissed.
Out of one hundred (100) trials only 56% of SCP-619’s by-product was $3.16.
Some of the most notable Items are as follows.
Trial Item Produced
006 13 floz of brown sludge (later determined to be chocolate pudding)
010 A Cellular phone belonging to Dr. ???????? ?????? (returned after testing)
012 One DC Metro ticket purchased in Clarksburg, West Virginia.
029 One ring shaped, 15 chambered, unshelled peanut.
032 One scrap of notebook paper with “help me, im a hostage” written on it.
049 $3.16 except 4 quarters were fused together to form a “4 circled plate”
056 One Zippo Brand lighter that does not experience the effects of gravity (lost immediately into an air vent)
075 10oz of shredded pressure treated pine wood and torn scraps of roof shingles.
>> Dr. Machinethreat