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First off, Suikoden 2 was awesome.

Secondly, we post our half-assed "maybe I'll write it someday..." creepypastas. The stuff in our imagination we pretend will become truly epic, if we ever got around to putting some thought in it.

I've always wanted to make some sort of Lovecraftian creepypasta, in the sense that it involves some massive evil from the bottom of the sea. /x/ loves sea monsters! My other idea would be quite the opposite, maybe involving some very detailed and gory crap like infant-eating maggot people... or something. I'm sure you guys are better at this than I am...
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I'll post part of my neglected creepypasta. If I ever get around to it.
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i woke up 1 day and my alarm clock was like bep bep bep so i said no stop! stop alram clock! And it did.
But then!
Grandma appeared and said U want eggs? she had a fryin pan. I look at her real good and say no.

my grandma been dead for 20 years
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SCP>9000 should be contained in a bag of holding in the possession of a level 40 high mage. Under no circumstances should you ever...

I'll get back to this.